Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good friends.....

What a nice surprise I got today. Two of my dear friends sent me a nice little basket of flowers! I got a call about an hour ago asking if I were going to be home this afternoon because I was going to get a delivery. I started wondering what in the world could I be getting! Aren't they beautiful! I love fresh flowers! What is really funny is one of the sister's who sent this to me is the one who called me Sunday saying, "Okay, this has been going on long enough. What is wrong." She is so funny, dry as toast and I love her dearly. The other sister is also very sweet - she was baptized at the convention this past summer after working through some really tough situations. She has a very large family who were (and still are) all having a hard time with her decisions but she was strong. She has moved across town so it is hard to see each other often. She may eventually change congregations which might be best for her but we would really miss her. Another funny thing is I was just starting to feel sorry for myself. You know- everyone has forgotten me, no one misses me, I could lay in this house and rot before anyone knew it kind of pity party going on and Knock, Knock - the nice reminder that someone does really care. I know - I should write a book about how to feel sorry for yourself. Face Smack! As my dear friend loves to say - "It's my pity party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want, to, cry if I want to, you can cry to if it happens to you!" So there.


  1. Thanks Kat - I'm really tired this afternoon - guess from going to doctor, PetsSmart, Kroger and library - whew -most I've done in awhile. Came home and put crockpot meal on so might lay down for a little bit.


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