Monday, January 4, 2010

Passing along the memories....

Last week I was thinking about how Page will be 38 this month. I had just turned 25 in November before Page was born in January. My Mother was 30 years older than me. It helps me remember how old people are when I think of how many years there are between us. My first niece was born January 13 after I had turned 13 in November. When Page was born on January 15th, that same niece had just turned 12 two days before; so the oldest niece in my family will be 50 this month! Now THAT is hard to believe - especially when you see how young she looks. This is a picture of me when I was 381/2 years old. It was part of one of the group pictures my sister's and I had taken every so many often. If you click on the picture you can see the necklace up close. I was drawn to several pieces of my Mama's jewelry for as long as I can remember. My boyfriend had a big picture made of me when I was about 14 or 15 and I wore my Mother's cameo necklace (Daddy had given it to her and it had a tiny picture of each one of them in it). I laid claim to that necklace and wore it constantly for years and years. I also wore her original wedding rings. Daddy bought her new ones when I was a girl so she let me wear them also. In every picture my sisters and I had made, I am wearing that necklace. When I was about the age of Page, I told Mama the pictures were fading away and I wanted to try to replace them. It was then that she told me to consider the necklace mine. So this week, I passed the cameo necklace on to Page. I don't wear necklaces too often these days. I used to be known as the unique necklace woman but when I got older, they started getting on my nerves within an hour. Mama also gave me a gold necklace Daddy had made for her. It was a gold chain holding an Italian gold coin my sister purchased for my Dad when she lived in Italy. I took the chain from the coin to use on another necklace and need to put my hands on it. Hmmmm. I propped the tiny little diamond up inside the box to give you an idea of just how small that little stone was but it was gorgeous to me. The band got so thin I had to stop wearing it. Daddy would agonize over what to buy Mama when it came to gifts. He wanted that gold coin to give her in a big way! I remember one year he gave her a beautiful dresser set - comb, mirror and brush. I think he did pretty good for the most part. Daddy was such a complicated man or maybe I should say he was conflicted. I don't know. But one thing I do know and have known all my life - Mama loved Daddy - pure and simple. There would never be another man for her. She took the bad with the good and kept moving forward. And Daddy loved Mama. His problems got in the way a lot but I always knew he would be there if any of us needed him and felt a huge hole in my life when he died. Miss you Daddy - not the drama but YOU. Page gave me a pretty pair of earring this past week. I love them! I haven't been able to wear them yet but plan to as soon as I can get out of this house which hopefully will be soon. Isolation is not a good thing! It wouldn't be so bad if I felt like doing something besides writing on my Blog and checking my FB every so often. :-) What I need to be doing is working on Big D's books in QuickBooks so we can get taxes done as soon as possible. I have about seven months worth of computer and paperwork to do. It isn't helping that for some reason, I can't print out last month's invoices. Everytime I try, I get blank invoices and I can't figure out why. It is nice to look out my office window and see the sun but Big D just warned me - that sun ain't going to warm me up! He said it is brutally cold. I think I'll call some of my pioneer partners and get them to drop off some not at homes and get busy at home. Now that is a plan!


  1. love the picture of you. sorry you still feel poorly.

  2. Thanks Marlan - the funny thing is I "thought" I was really fat in this picture- of course, now I'm living the reality. lol


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