Friday, January 1, 2010

The year is now 2010.....

Yep - I let Page stay up with me and we watched the ball drop while Dick Clark talked - bless his heart. It makes my heart swell every time I see him - he is such a trooper! A neighbor up the street always has fireworks at various times of the year and we could hear them but not see them. It was way too cold to go out to the end of the driveway; Big D was snoring as loud as the fireworks and I knew I wasn't going out in that cold. Just a little re-cap of the week. Ann, Boy and Biscuit came over Tuesday for lunch. I seared some marinated Salmon steaks and roasted a vegetable medley for lunch but was feeling so bad I couldn't eat. I was running another fever and got sicker as the day went on. Lee came over later and Big D cooked some cheeseburgers on the grill -nothing fancy but it was good. Lee and Ann were talking about how they have been passing sickness around between the four of them for over 3 weeks. Ann brought all of us fresh eggs from her laying hens - yum. I called my doctor's office Wednesday before Page1 left and spoke with his nurse. She said there is a virus going around with fever and a bad cough and it sounded like she might have it too! She told me what to do and what to watch for in case it gets worse. Whatever! Page1 got on the road close to 3pm and called later that night to say she was home safe and sound once again which made me happy. Her visit was way too short this time but she has a lot to do to prepare for next year and I know she wants to spend some time with Bentley. She wrote out a list of things for Page2 to keep her occupied. Tonight Page2 told me she sure wished I wasn't sick cause she wanted to hug me. Bless her heart - I want to hug her too but am trying really hard to keep her away from ME and my GERMS. One project was lining up the dominos in the hallway and Big D helped her. It worked pretty good when they were knocked down but my video didn't do well since it was so dark and nighttime. Big D cooked lobster tails and fresh shrimp for dinner so Page ate real good cause she loves seafood! She also remembered her PlayDoh Station! She made me a nice little cake! It is so funny how I let Page2 play with her PlayDoh here. I never allowed it in my house with my kids! They had to play with it at Grandma's house! The PlayDoh today is much better than what my kids had.! No - really it is. She is going home tomorrow and I will miss her but I know she has been so bored this trip. I felt bad I couldn't get Page2 with her cousins or friends from the KH. I promised to make it up to her on her next visit. I talked with my oldest sister Ann and she sounded pretty good. I also called my middle sister Ruth and we chatted for a bit. She was having lunch and said she would call me back. I had a nice chat with my oldest niece last night (they were at the beach) and she sounded good as usual. So good-bye 2009 - you have been a much more eventful year than I ever would have anticipated. Had surgery on my neck and the follow-up news; so angry and disappointed about having to work much longer than planned; not making my time for the year; getting real sick three times between August and October; having to take antibiotics three different times in four months and now sick again this week! But Hey!! As Scarlett would say, "after all, tomorrow is another day! Maybe I should go to Tara - things are always better at Tara!" We all need a Tara don't we?

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