Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday.... officially a good hump day....

Today was such a good day, I decided to give myself some virtual flowers. These are one of my favorite flowers and I snatched this picture from a web site. To be honest, Monday and Tuesday were good also but today was a little better. It was my third day back out in the trenches and it has felt so good to be back doing what I love and being with the friends. We have our dear CO and his wife with us this week and the special meeting last night was great! They are the sweetest couple and we so enjoy our special week with them. Eileen joined us for service this morning and it was nice being with her since I haven't seen her for awhile. Her Mom has been so sick and is now in the hospital. Hoping with all my heart things turn around for her and she feels much better soon. Got with my dear friends Gerl and Gail at lunch time and we all came to my house. Gerl had brought her lunch (but did have one of Big D's leftover Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert). I heated up some leftovers from last night for me and Gail. She also had one of Big D's donuts but I had one of his coveted chocolate covered cherries. Yum. I can't believe I only had one! After that Gerl and I hooked up with Keith and his grandmother for street work and it was a wonderful afternoon! Have I mentioned that Keith's mother is Gail? His "other" mother is Gerl. When Gerl's beautiful son died as a teenager, young Keith adopted her and they have a very special relationship. Keith loves his grandmother so much and is very protective of her. To be honest, we all are but you can't let her know it. She is so special to so many people. I met her when I was dating Big D. We went to her big house to bring something to his older brother who was a friend of her husband's. They were sitting around the kitchen table - she had red hair and a beautiful smile and her hubby was a handsome man and HUGE - no - not fat - BIG! Keith is a big man but his granddaddy was much bigger with a big voice and laugh to go with it. At that time, they had 6 children who all ran in and out of the kitchen to check out who had come in. I noticed a green Bible on her counter in the kitchen and picked it up. She asked me if I knew what it was and I said yes, that I had one and that my sister was studying in it. She asked me who my sister was and when I told her, of course she knew them. Turns out she knew my brother-in-law from when he was a small boy in her neighborhood. After I got married and started studying and attending meetings, I got to know her so much better. Eventually, they had two more little boys and when her mother-in-law died, they had her teenage son come live with them. Basically, they raised 9 beautiful children. She was there for me on so many levels that even she will never realize. Both of my children adore her and have wonderful memories of the times she kept them off and on when I would take a part-time or short-term job. We had many late night conversations about everything from raising babies, female health issues but especially husbands who caused us much consternation from time to time! I have been so blessed to have had so many wonderful strong older women in my life to help me along the paths women have to travel. I am home now with Princess Miya and Big D.We have decided to have the Home Plate special for dinner tonight - meatloaf and chicken dumplings! Yum. We get take-out from there every so often but definitely like the meatloaf night best. We normally get one plate of the meatloaf with several veggies (turnip greens are good) and a cup of the dumplings with hushpuppies and it feeds both of us with some left over. I do so love their sweet tea. This place opened in 1995 and has been great for our senior citizen community. My sister-in-law loves it because it is seasoned a little like our mother's food was.

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