Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talent = A marked innate ability, as for artistic accomplishment.

I thought I would look up the definition of the word talent. I put one definition in the title of this particular entry and another one is; "Natural endowment or ability of a superior quality". Is it really that easy to define talent? I don't think so. I have quite a few very talented people in my immediate family including writer, muscians, actor, painters and comedians. I have personally written poetry off and on most of my life but very seldom have shared or kept what I have written. I have drawn pictures but have only kept one so far that my sister Ruth, who is quite a good artist, put into a little plastic frame for me to keep. I can pick out tunes on the piano (took lessons in the 4th grade I think for one year) but can't really play. I can carry a tune (used to be able to do that a little better) and I don't know that I'm a good dancer but I do so love it and music of all kinds - just can not stand still. I enjoy arranging fresh flowers and can tell a joke or a story pretty good. I was an excellent manager and won an award for training at the national level when I was working. HOWEVER - I think my real talent is my ability to appreciate other people's talents fully. Case in point are the two additional paintings my dear Katarina has added to the one she has already finished for her little girl's room. As you will recall, the first one was the Princess and the Pea. The second one is Cinderella! I think what I like about this one other than the wonderful colors is how Cinderella reminds me of Katarina. Personally I would love to have this picture in my bedroom. It would bring me comfort to think of my Mom as being in the picture. The third one is Rapunzel. I'm not sure yet, but I'm leaning toward this being my favorite one so far.I think it is a combination of colors and the nice big flowers. Either way, they are all delightful. I wish she could run some prints for those of us who would love to have copies of them. Hint - Hint.

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