Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Already Wednesday???

Where has the time gone?  We have had a very busy week so far this week.  In service half day on Monday and ALL DAY on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I can't tell you how proud I am of  Page - she has been such a trooper hanging in with Grandmommie and the other pioneers with absolutely no complaints!
Yesterday was very busy. After service we went out to the Big Mall to buy Page some clothes and a nice watch. We got the clothes first at a store Leah really likes because a lot of the skirts and pants have a waist band that can be adjusted. I found a really nice sales clerk who has children of her own. She was really great! I forgot how much fun it is to buy clothes for a little girl. I loved buying clothes for both of my kids and they both enjoyed it when I took them to do just that! We also had some time to walk through two of my favorite stores - Pottery Barn and Anthropologie. Brings back memories of when I was working and had plenty of money. Oh well - I'm doing what I have always wanted to do so no complaints here. BigD called earlier yesterday to say he was on the way down East to go fishing so we stopped in at a place I've never eaten at on our way out - California Pizza Kitchen. Page said she wanted a tall glass of cold milk - well she sucked that milk down and really wasn't very hungry after drinking it. It became apparent that she was very tired so after I finished my salad, I got her pizza boxed up and we headed home. Ahhh - another long day...That brings us up to today ...another long day in service and then we came home, changed clothes and went swimming.
I LOVE the pool my friend's have given us access to. Rie and her boys came over after she picked them up from school and we were off. These two little boys are both so sweet and they all played so well together. Rie and I totally enjoyed our time in the pool and with the kids. I haven't heard from her yet whether she liked the meat sauce I sent home with her that BigD made for their pasta - hopefully they liked it okay.  Can't believe it took me so long to finish this one entry. 

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  1. Love the new clothes, clothes shopping for kids is great, I love it too! Of course, the kids are still at the age where I can pick stuff out and know it will fit....Alex is growing out of that and I know I'll have to start taking him, we'll see how that goes...
    I love how she's helping that sister down the stairs and back to the car, shows their parents are raising her right :) That pool looks like fun :)


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