Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where to begin with Page's long visit with her Grandmommie.....

Where to begin.....Page has been with us for almost two weeks now and what a delight. Memories of my children being this age come flooding back every day I spend with this delightful little girl. What a sweetie patootie! So sweet, talented, interesting, interested, engaged, smart, and did I mention sweet? I know - I'm the Grandmommie so I'm prejudiced....NOT. Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty honest when it comes to children - even my own.
Page has done so well with her "new" schedule - long days in service rewarded by a nice visit to a friend's pool. I'll have to admit, I enjoyed getting into this little pool myself. Makes me wish I had one just like it. Really - it is in the perfect place. Ami said that after 2pm - it is in the shade the rest of the day - what could be better than that. It is 4 feet deep - who needs it to be deeper than that I ask? I don't know who enjoyed it more - the girls or me and Ami. What am I saying - of course the girls! Page has had a busy, busy time of it - skating (you can see her little skating badge on her knee above, finally finding some little curlers that actually put curls in her straight hair that last almost all day and swimming!!!!
This past Sunday Page and I went to Dumont to hear Pat give his talk. We all kept waiting for him to make a mistake and speak French but alas - he was too good. After the meeting, we all went over to Em's for lunch and it was so nice being with old friends while watching Page make new friends. I can't wait to show Page1 pictures of Em's house since it was once owned by one of Page1's friends. They have turned it and their backyard into a precious little place to raise a family. That was last week and we are almost through with this week! Wow - time really does fly by when you are having fun. I know Page1 will also enjoy seeing some pictures of her old friends.  More to come but for now, we have to say goodnight.

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