Friday, July 29, 2011

She's back.......

I held out as long as I could but finally broke and drove out to pick up Page from Boy's.  Dixie was so sweet - wish I had gotten a better picture of her - such a pretty dog.  Biscuit found a play camera and had me and Ann doing all kinds of "poses" for her - then she would count to 10 and say - "say cheese"!   Or we had to hold our hands up and she would count to 10 and then we would all go woo hoo! What a lovey she is!
From all reports, once Boy and Page found their special connection again - everything went pretty smooth. Page didn't sleep very well - she gets scared at night these days. Hope this phase will pass soon - hate for her to have that kind of "fear". Remember experiencing it from time to time as a child myself. They had fun swimming - she used flippers for the first time so we plan to purchase some and a snorkle mask after the convention tomorrow.
Ann baked some home made chocolate chip cookies, Page hugged Boy good-bye and we were on our way home. BigD came in this afternoon and took a good nap. It was still 104 degrees when I left Ann'saround 5pm - this heat is really wearing thin. So hope it isn't this hot at the beach!

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