Saturday, July 16, 2011

District Convention with Family -

Roseanne and I decided we wanted to attend the convention with some of our children this year so we drove North to do just that! We left on Thursday afternoon and I got to see Lauren's lovely home when I dropped Roseanne off. It was also nice to see all but one of her children during the weekend. The convention was overwhelmingly wonderful.  They are always exactly what we need at the proper time but having Anthony Morris from the GB speak all three days was over the top good. Since it was July 4th weekend, most everyone had Monday off so it seemed to help everyone stay pretty relaxed the whole three days.
If you look real close, you will see Ash's little baby bump for her twin boys.  One evening we went over to Leah's Mom and Dad's to watch the video of their big trip. Page2 took some great pictures too and had a wonderful adventure with her Grandma and Papa.
I always enjoy being with Leah's Dad. Sometime Page reminds me so much of him when she is telling me something. She also laughs like him when she thinks something is very funny. A very special man this is. We were planning to go over to the Lake on Monday to meet everyone there but Roseanne let me know it would be okay with her if I left her to come home with her son and his family. I really needed to get home early and Kurt was trying to get ready to start his new job so it worked out well. On the way home, I ran into a heavy rain that forced almost everyone to come to a stop for several minutes. It rained awhile and then became beautiful for the remainder of my trip. I promised everyone I wouldn't spoil our upcoming convention for them and can't wait to see how the talks might differ a little. I always enjoy spending time with Kurt, Leah and Page - wonderful hosts they are.


  1. It was a wonderful convention! Who taught you how to do the pictures?

  2. You will be proud of me - I just did it by trial and error --lots of error and still not great at it but love the effects.


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