Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comments just not working for me.....

I just noticed that one of my favorite bloggers has evidently decided she doesn't want comments any longer. I actually appreciate the comments I have gotten - especially from those whose blogs I follow. I really wanted to comment on Keith's blog - he has finished his chicken coop and now has three pretty girls. Lately, I have been having a lot of difficulty in commenting on people's blogs - including Keith's. I know it must just be me because I saw a comment on his last entry. Some will let me use my "name" but others just will not accept anything I put there. It used to be I could put my email address and it would take the comment but no longer. Anyone else having these problems?
On a side note, Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum has been doing so well taking her medication at night now. We give her the whole dose at one time and for the most part, it is like she is resigned to it now. Hope it will stay that way. She went to the Vet last week and got her nails trimmed, her flea treatment and they checked her heart rate and said it was good to go! Good girl Miya!!!!


  1. I noticed that someone *cough* disabled commentability on her blog and I was very sad as there were many posts that I wanted to comment on. I haven't noticed issues on other blogs, but I don't really comment much other than on yours and hers. We'll see if this goes through...

  2. yes I too noticed that I can no longer comment on 1 blog. but have had no trouble on yours or K


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