Sunday, July 31, 2011

How do you spell RELIEF???? RAIN....sweet, sweet rain.

Didn't get to the convention yesterday morning - stomach not good - started Friday night and since we got all but about 15 minutes of the program in VA, I decided to "pamper" myself a little.  If you look at the picture below, you will notice three roses - yep - these are left over from the bunch of roses I bought quite awhile ago at WalMarts!  I'm very, very pleased when flowers I purchase last longer than a week.
Also notice the bright sunlight coming through the windows. Well if you look real hard at the other pictures, you will see that we had a nice BIG RAIN yesterday afternoon. Even had some good thunder - I do so love a summer thunderstorm - especially when it has been hot for such a long time.
And yes - today we did make it to the convention. We grabbed our water bottles, my coffee and headed out this morning under cloudy skies. Got a great parking spot and wonderful seats with a nice brother and sister. I only saw one family I knew across the way but thoroughly enjoyed the symposium. That was the only part I missed at the one I attended so about half-way through the next talk we had already heard - nature called to both me and Page and we headed back home. Well - as soon as we got on the road - the bottom dropped out and it poured again. It stopped right as we pulled into the driveway and the air smells so good. Hope everyone enjoys the drama today and all the new releases.
I "snatched" this picture of Gail and her hubby from her sister-in-law just because it was good of both of them. BigD fixed my printer cable - Miya keeps chewing my cables until he has to splice the wires and put tape around them - BAD Miya. GG came by to tell BigD her AC on the van wasn't working but he got it going - something pretty simple. To show you how he is everyone's hero - he also climbed into the trash can to "salvage" the Sunday funnies (he threw them away) for me to read. Yep - I'm a newspaper funnies junkie - just like my Mom before me. My sister Ann was one too and like Mom and me - she worked the crossword puzzles. Miss them both so much.

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