Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Three.....

Three days down ----- twenty-eight days to go. BigD got away for his fishing trip and Judy arrived shortly thereafter to take me to my treatment.
She was driving her hubby's big van and looked so tiny in it! They took me right back today and had me hooked up in no time. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have the nurse I wanted and by the end of the appointment, Judy understood why. She is a very nice young woman but isn't as careful with the PICC as the first one I had was. I took some pictures today of the new Cancer Clinic.
If you want to see it better, click on the picture and it will get bigger. I think Judy was as impressed as I am with it. After we left the hospital, I told Judy I wanted to take the "scenic" route home which means I didn't want to get on the highway. We were very close to Lynn and Mike's so I asked her to stop by to say Hi which we both enjoyed. Mike wasn't home but Lynn was in the yard working and I enjoyed seeing her. As we were getting ready to turn on Cheek I told Judy to go down a block and pull in front of Dafina's house. I called her and then text messaged her to come outside so I could speak to her but she text messaged me later that she was putting Syn down and didn't get it until we were gone. Oh well - at least she knows I tried. I think it has been a combination of me feeling a bit better and the gorgeous day we have had today because I honestly have not felt like running by any one's house at all and today I had her stop by two places!
Page took this picture of Miya in BigD's suitcase with her phone and sent it to us with the message - "Princess Miya wants to go fishing too". We find her in the craziest places sometimes. After I got home, Eileen stopped by on her way to the KH to meet with the afternoon group and then about an hour later, she came back with her car group which was nice.   I'm a tiny bit hungry so I thought I would try a piece of the chocolate pound cake Page made using Mama's recipe and that was a BAD idea. YUCK!  Oh well - I'll keep trying and hopefully my taste buds will start working again sooner than later.  Page just called to say she was on her way home and BigD called to check in with me about the treatment.


  1. That's so great that you wanted to stop by 2 places!! Improvement! YAY! And I'm that you at least tried the pound cake. What I've read about cancer patients and not being able to taste anything, they had the best results with things that were OVERLY seasoned and salted. So maybe try things like that? I'm sure you've read about it. But keep trying!! Love you!

  2. So by now it's probable that you're not feeling to good. I assume this is chemo you're using the picc line for. (Had no idea what that meant, had to google it:). You look really good sitting in that chair. I guess losing weight is the up side (if there really was an up side) to all this. Do you miss tasting and eating food?
    I understand from my other new friends that it is absolutely fabulous down there right now, flowers blooming etc. In Calgary there might be flowers of the hardier variety by now. We are in the countdown of the goodbye's and I'm a mess:)The circuit assembly was so wonderful, if I don't come away with anything else it will be no matter what I'm doing am I making Jehovah's name know. It was a little warm as two of the walls are open in our Assembly hall but we were actually IN our assembly hall, our first ever English here in the city. How I wish I could travel through your area but it is a whole other country from the way we are going up. Keep up the writing my dear it's wonderful to read.
    Love and prayers:)


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