Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More of the same plus.......

I had my appointment with my Nurse Practitioner on Monday. I told her what Dr. Scher said about how I'm still healing from the Radiation. After we talked and she examined me, she is referring me to receive acupuncture for my saliva glands. I so hope it works. She is also referring me to a massage therapist to work with my neck and help get the lymph fluid out of it. It has gotten so bad that basically, that is the pain I have most now.
So I'm still in my chair for the most part with my sweet Princess Miya using me as her personal bed. I actually love having her lay on me. She helps me relax. Gail and Rubee came and cleaned today and then we had a short visit. Gail is going to drag me out of this house pretty soon. Keith was supposed to bring a dear older friend over to see me today but there was some confusion so maybe next week. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to our visit. I got a call from sweet Cat - she had written that she wouldn't be able to visit me. I already kind of knew that but let her know it was really okay and that as soon as I'm better, I will get up to see her. She stays in touch with Rose to see how I'm doing. Roseanne's daughter found our her cancer had spread to some lymph nodes but the margins were clear so they feel they got it all. I so hate she is having to go through this. She is a very strong young woman but I still hate it for her and her family. I am so happy she is letting us all know what is going on so we know what to pray for. I'm very proud of her. Roseanne will be here tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to seeing her - has been too long.

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  1. I hope that the acupuncture works, and that you will be getting massage therapy, sounds like the right thing to do for both of those things! So happy! Makenna is sitting here with me and is looooving the picture of Miya. She wants me to print it out for her. I hope you are making it out onto the porch for some fresh air. Enjoy your time with Roseanne today :) Love you!


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