Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Perkinson Family Reunion.....

I am so happy I was able to make it to yet another family reunion. I mentioned to my sister that I wasn't feeling well and when two of them told me that if I didn't go, they weren't going, I knew I would have to push myself to make it. I can honestly say that I'm glad I did. Monica took tons of pictures but they are all very tiny - not sure what setting she was using on her camera. So I gave her my phone to take a few pictures and every one of them is a video! So - I'll put just a few pictures on here of our time in Wake Forest.
Page had a very good time with all her young cousins. Right before we left, I stepped outside to head toward the car and a lot of the little girls had climbed into the back of a station wagon because it kept raining on and off. They were having so much fun ....
it brought back so many of my own childhood memories of reunions from the past. Many of these little girls have never met each other before but in no time at all, they are all playing as if they grew up together. That is called "family".
This is a pretty good picture of Alan and Kay. I wish Marvin could have made it since it has been so long since I've seen them last.  I didn't think we would have a large crowd but it worked out for the best since it did rain several times.  Everyone was very comfortable and there was food left over as always.
Faye drove everyone crazy all day because she kept hiding he face every time someone tried to get a picture of her. Since we always try to get a "sisters" picture every year, we finally decided to take matters into our own hands. I have been tempted to send this picture in to our local newspaper...that might teach her a lesson. Just kidding. That isn't a very good picture of Aunt Eunice.
I enjoyed getting caught up with my cousin Charles and his wife Jane. They live in West Virginia so I was very happy they put forth the effort to come be with us.
Faye sat with us for awhile and Charles started talking about the mean tricks Faye used to play on him. Then he shared a personal story about red bugs from when he was a little boy and
he had me laughing so hard I couldn't stop. Notice how he keeps that straight face which made it worse.  Of course, Faye is laughing here too but you can't tell that because she is hiding her face!!!
We have always liked his sweet wife Jane shown here with Alice.  They met as teenagers and never skipped a beat.  He remembered the time I stayed with them and how his Daddy scared me by telling me how much he wanted me to be their little girl. He said, we were all serious though.  We really wanted you to come live with us.  Wasn't that sweet?
This is a much better picture of Aunt Eunice.  We really appreciate all the hard work Evelyn, her hubby Barry and her brother Rex do to get everything ready for this wonderful family gathering.
I wanted to share this sweet picture of Monica and John since it is so good of both of them. I think this was taken with my phone if I'm not mistaken but I'm not sure.  I don't have room to share all of the pictures she took but do want to put up a few more.
This is what I see when I know Dwight is "ready to go".  That means, he is ready to go right now! He said the food was delicious - as always - but now it was time for his nap.  He also wanted to look at some of the race.
This isn't a great picture of me but it is a really good one of the lake/pond we were beside and of Samantha. It stopped raining enough for us to get our stuff in the car and head out without getting wet.  We actually had a beautiful ride home.  Samantha said she had a lot of fun. 
Alice had left her car here so she could ride to the reunion with us.  When she found out we were leaving, Monica told her to stay longer and she would drop her off on her way home. I was happy to see Monica again.  She insisted on getting this picture of us together.  I guess you can tell how tired I am but I am still very happy that I pushed myself and went this year.  Mama would have been proud of me. 
Speaking of Mama, Alice came over on Saturday and said something to me that really shocked me. She said something about my eyes looking just like Mama's. I said what? She said yes, we all hate it when you look at us like you are mad at us because it looks just like Mama looking at us mad. I said, "Thank You! I am so flattered you would even think my eyes are like Mama's". Then at the reunion, Faye pretty much said the same thing and went so far as to say I "look like Mama". Then a cousin said how much I reminded them of Mama. I was blown away! So when Monica came over, I told her about what they had said and then she repeated what they had all said. When she put her pictures she had taken up on Facebook later so that I could share them with another cousin,
she pointed this picture out to me and said - "look at this picture and tell me you don't see Grandma in your face, expression and eyes".  I had to admit, it is one of her looks.  Oh my! I'll be honest - I didn't know how to feel at first.  I don't usually pay much attention to how I look - especially lately because I have looked SO BAD.   I do know Mama had a picture from when she was a little girl and it looked just like me so maybe they are right.  Maybe I do resemble Mama a little more than I thought.  If I do, thank you Mama.  I would LOVE to resemble you in so many ways.  I love you and miss you every single day.

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