Friday, June 7, 2013

rain, rain, go away.....

My goodness, it has pretty much rained most of the day. Around 6:30 it started clearing up a little. The weatherman just said to not get too excited because it will more than likely rain all day tomorrow also. Right now it looks pretty good out there so I'll take what I can get. The good news is I walked earlier this morning I am feeling pretty was happy about that.
After attempting to add a picture of Margie several times, I finally gave up. At least I can share the one of Bob. He sent me a getting caught up email with pictures of both of them. They were caught on the bridges going over to the Keys in Florida during the tropical storm today but now are where they were headed and safe. I am sad the picture of Margie will not upload - it is a really good one of her. I'll try again later.
I added this picture of a quilt so Marie will be able to see it when she reads my blog. This is a good example of the quilt she will be making soon I think. No pretty there Marie. lol
I have been wanting to add this wonderful picture of Matt with his precious grandmother. This is a very good picture of both of them and shows just how beautiful Geri really was. I still miss and think of her so often.
Jessica sent me this picture of Page wearing the new dress she bought her. She said she is thinking about letting her wear this to the wedding we are all going to at the coast. I think it is very pretty and love the color.
I will end today's post with this picture because I LOVE IT!!!! We all enjoy the coast any time of the year and sunsets are a big part of that. Is there anything prettier than the sun setting over water?  

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