Monday, June 3, 2013

Money well spent.....

Have you ever said the above? Really felt good about what you had to spend a little more money on than anticipated but glad you did? Well, I feel that way about the yard work we just had done.

I decided to take a few pictures of the results from the work that has been done. An old tree had fallen from the yard beside us behind the big building and someone had laid it across this area. Mac cut the tree up and took it away and we finally have a mowed area to the back of the area. Now if I can just get Phil to keep up the mowing back there when he comes.

I made Mac leave this little Mimosa that is trying to live but he cut down the other few trees that were trying to encroach on the back yard. We will leave that area as "natural" as it wants to be. Out in front of and beside the tiny shed was totally overgrown with poison ivy and he got all of it killed and pulled away.  Wonder how long it  will take to come back. I'm going to call Phil and tell him I want the areas that have been cleared and mowed to continue being mowed. It isn't extra - but what he used to take care of when he came and not one of the guys he has working for him.

Mother and I planted three Azaleas in the front and the one on the side many years ago. Only one has survived in the front and thankfully, Mac got rid of the remains of the other two.  He also pulled up the weird vine that was taking over everything and even running up our little tree.  He didn't know what it was either. He left my little iris plants that seem to keep repeating each year. Watch them die now.  No really, I do NOT have a green thumb at all.  I do plan to put several more Azaleas here this Autumn though.

He did a great job on the tangled mess of vines, poison ivy and honey-suckle plants back in that corner. And then he tackled all the stuff that had been allowed to grow this side of the "ditch" the DOT dug there so many years ago. They even cleaned out the stuff that was growing in the ditch including some little trees.

I'm going to get very upset if it is allowed to grow back because the guy who mows our lawn isn't doing his part. I actually love the messiness of wild areas of nature BUT - and this is a BIG BUT - I don't want snakes making themselves too comfortable near where I walk and live. Hopefully, they will just stick to the areas we have left for them. 

I can't forget the little rose bush that could....I mean really. We have never done anything to encourage this little baby to keep living but she does.

 Bless her heart - she even gives us pretty little roses. Yep, I think I'm going to enjoy my walks much better. Of course, I now have to wait until the ground dries a little more but that shouldn't take too long.
I'm going to post a picture of the yard I took last week before it was mowed.
I enlarged it so you can see the clover and clover flowers. We never had clover in this yard before so I'm guessing the wind and rains we have been having brought them to us. It does bring a painful memory of me stepping on the stupid bees and my foot swelling up three times it's size. That was not fun at all - ouch!  But I am happy to say I love it.  I love walking in it and seeing the bees busily gathering nectar. It also brings back such good childhood memories of sitting in the yard looking for a four leaf clover (never found one), and making a necklace or crown of the little flowers. A time when that was all I had to think about........memories.....


  1. wow Jane, the garden is looking beautiful. Those pink flowers are amazing.

  2. Love the yard. Looking forward to walking with you in it.

  3. Lovely! What a difference a good clearing out makes. I hope you are able to enjoy long walks in your yard now. :)

  4. Marlan and Kat - Thanks guys. It "FEELS" so much better now.

    Introverted Art - Thank you. I didn't know anyone else read my little boring blog. :-)


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