Tuesday, June 18, 2013

here comes another bride ....

I have posted about this wonderful young woman on my blog before. She is the youngest daughter of Dwight's niece Pam. She is the one I went and stayed with for a week for several years while her parents were out of the country. They live on Outer Banks and she got married this past weekend.
This is a picture of a few of the family waiting for the wedding party to arrive. Page and I found a spot behind this area under a tree. There was a nice breeze off the water and the day could not have been prettier if they had special ordered it. I have SO many wonderful pictures I'm just going to put up as many as I can without overloading everyone.
Oldest sister of Bride and Maid of Honor - Erin.
Middle sister, matron of honor and new Mom Randi.
Leif and Marcy walking toward the groom. Leif did so well.
Dad giving his baby girl to her new husband. Sniff...
Almost all of the wedding party plus the musicians. Couldn't get the flower girls in this one.
I believe this is the Best Man if I'm not mistaken. Such a sweet dog and loves Jay to death.
Promises to each other to be kept for the rest of their lives together forever.
Introduced as Mr. and Mrs. to family and friends for the very first time.
Husband and wife stopping on the way out for their first professional pictures as husband and wife.
LOVE HER HAIR. So wish I could figure out how to do this so I could fix Page's hair like this.
Beautiful flower girls with the bride and groom. I really like the flower girl dresses. 
One more of the cute little flower girls.
Dwight and Douglas found a place in the shade across the yard from us.  Yeah - Dwight dressed up - he wore one of his Hawaiian shirts instead of his usual polo shirt. Ya gotta love him.
Page and I found a nice place under a tree to watch the wedding from. This is the dress Kelly bought me from Belk's to wear to this wedding the last time we were at the beach. It was a little long so Deborah cut it off and I like the length it is now.  I love linen even though it inevitably wrinkles but it is definitely a Southern girls summer fabric of choice.  As a matter of fact, I like it so much, I ordered another linen dress from jjill.  
Deborah Gail took it home to take it up a little under the arms.  It doesn't button down the front but looks similar with the pleats. I also just ordered a pair of white linen cropped pants from jjill - they
are having a sale but I really need to stay away from that place. I also ordered some unique jewelry. 
Yikes! Me thinks I may be out of control here.  I also just ordered two custom made silver heart charm bracelets for me and Page from Jeanne.   I had to send her the measurements of our wrists. Yep - it is official, I need to stop looking at jjill and other cool sites on-line.  Sorry I got side-tracked - back to the wedding - Reception that is.  We went back to the motel to rest a little bit before heading back out to the Reception. It was held in the same place that Randi's was and they had the same great band!
 The decorations were a little different from Randi's but were still very unique and special.
One of the centerpieces. The tables all had different types of centerpieces with some of them having huge baskets full of flowers that had been at the site of the wedding too.
This centerpiece is full of fun things for the children to do.  All the guests had welcome bags in our rooms and our children had special ones with fun things to do at the Reception including glow sticks.
Another beautiful centerpiece.
A lot of family in the house and they are all so much fun. I wish I could share all of the pictures but there just isn't enough room - or time.
We all brought home crab hammers. In case you don't know, Jay harvests Blue Crabs for a living.
Love this picture of Lolo and Marcy. You can tell Lolo is so excited to be this close to the Bride!
Marcy made it around to everyone I think.  She made a point of coming over to my chair to speak. She had this smile on her face ALL day and into the night. I LOVE seeing her so happy.
Love this picture of Grady and Kristi. It was so good to see him doing well.  He has been having some serious health issues but seems to be maintaining.
Love this picture of Dave and Marie dancing. You can't really see me but that is my gray head between them and I'm dancing with Deborah and Wanda to "Under the Boardwalk". I couldn't stand it. Finally kicked off my shoes, got up out of my chair and headed out to Deborah. We sang the song at the top of our lungs and danced our hearts out. Of course, I then went back to my chair and proceeded to throw up but it was well worth it ding dang it!!!
It was only after Jessie was going to bring me and Dwight back to the motel that I realized I had on two different shoes. I had put them both on to ask Douglas which pair looked best. I was going to wear just the black ones - mostly because they fit better - but I guess I forgot to take the other one off! Give me a break - I'm on drugs!!!! I gave the silver pair to Jessie since they were a little big on me. I have a lot of these pictures because I snatched them from Stephanie's Facebook page.   I have tons more of family that are great but I'm sure you are all pretty bored by now.  Too bad......
 Had to share this one of GG, Page and Ava.
 Page in this gorgeous sundress.  That is the zero-gravity "beach chair" that Jessica picked up for me since we forgot to pack mine.  It is quite lightweight but was only $40.00 so I am happy with it.
And the sun goes down on another day in Paradise........


  1. looks like a lovely day. Glad you got to go.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to go! the bride looks gorgeous and I love her dress and hair! You look wonderful. I love your dress! I got a really good laugh out of the mismatched shoes ;-) I'm proud of you for getting up and dancing/singing your heart out, even if you had to pay for it later. Love you :)


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