Wednesday, June 26, 2013

miscellaneous = assorted, heterogeneous, kitchen-sink, mixed, patchwork, ragtag, varied

Those are only a few of the adjectives that define the word miscellaneous. Words are very interesting aren't they? My son has a great command of the written word and uses them eloquently -- at times. At other times....well, that's another story. Just kidding. I had promised Page I would try to work things out so that she could go swimming in the pool next door. I have felt bad because I haven't been able to do many things with Page on this visit. Yesterday, after my medical appointment, Deborah took me to the grocery store. It was my first time grocery shopping in almost two years and I totally enjoyed it. I had my list and bought all the things Page had asked for. Then, Katarina and Brandon brought their three babies over and we all walked next door for them to swim. Not even a few minutes after I sat down, three mosquitoes bit me all at the same time. Yep - that was it for me. I think Alton was disappointed I had to leave so quickly but to be honest, I have felt so bad this week. I really, really needed to be in my chair right away. I felt so bad that I had to leave so soon and really enjoyed seeing what little of their lovely home I got to see. Maybe I could visit with him and Patsy one day when she is home and I feel a little better. I would really like that. They didn't stay in the pool very long - about an hour maybe. When they all got home, I ordered two large pizzas and everyone was happy. I remember how hungry you get after you have been swimming.
The best part of the day was my being able to hold little Em. She is SO CUTE!!! And of course so very sweet. Katarina said she is a very good baby and I could tell. Page, Al and KK got along great and had a good time. Karen called later to let me know she would be over soon. She spent Monday night and last night with me since Dwight had gone fishing. I really enjoy having her come over to stay with me so that we can get caught up.  Things are really looking up for her after too long a period of time between jobs.  She likes her job and is moving forward with some exciting plans. Last night, Amy K. came with her and I got to visit with her for a little while.  She is such a sweet young woman.  She still seems to like where she lives now. 
I got up this morning early so that I could get a shower for my appointment with my brand new Primary Care Physician.  I made sure I had both mine and Dwight's medical records we had gotten from Dr. Manning before I left.  Page was not sleepy last night and from what she said, it was getting light outside when she finally fell asleep.  I felt really bad for her and let
her sleep as long as I could, bless her heart, but we had to get a move on.  Deborah picked her up a chicken biscuit on the way over and she ate it in the car.  I am sure she talked Deborah's ears off but I wasn't too worried about it since Deborah is a grandma too. I LOVE my new PCP.
Let me just say - I done good! I really, really like him. He is a very little man and very pleasant. He spoke very highly of Dr. Manning and expressed how much he hates what is going on with him closing his private practice.  Of course, that made me like him even more.  He doesn't look his age at all.  I also like the nurses I met - especially his nurse. He gave me a very thorough physical, sent me down the hall to get my lab work done and gave me the completed referral forms to get my mammogram and bone density tests.  They made a copy of both mine and Dwight's medical records we had gotten from Dr. Manning and he  looked at mine and was impressed with how thorough Dr. Manning's records are.  I left a message for Dr. Manning to call me and when he did, I told him how much I like my new doctor and he was very glad.  He goes to one of the other physicians with the same practice so he was happy when I got the appointment.  I really appreciate all that Deborah does for us and how she has been so helpful in taking me to my appointments and to buy groceries this week.  She has always been a good friend. 
Another piece of good news is Deborah Gail came and cleaned our nasty house today!!! Since my whole family will be here this weekend including Barbara's family, I was so relieved to have the house CLEAN! I wasn't sure she would since she has been working so hard on convention chores including making costumes for the drama.  She even had time to work on my new dress and had it with her.  She and Dwight went to the Convention in Winston Salem and said it was wonderful as always. I don't have to worry about her spoiling anything for me though - she would never do that.  I am so looking forward to going to the one in Roanoke. Am hoping it all works out that I'll be able to be there.  She told me that after the assembly and her going to Pioneer School in August, she plans to make sure I get back out in service again on a regular basis. I am so looking forward to that.
I wanted to share this picture I pulled from one of my favorite bloggers. It is a "hairy oak" in Mexico. I have never seen one of these and totally fell in love with it. I love trees anyway. While Page and I walked the driveway this evening, I noticed some gardenias on a bush in my neighbor's yard. I pulled one for me and Page and will let him know tomorrow. I LOVE the fragrance of this delightful flower.  It always make me think of Mama since it was one of her favorite flowers too.
You will have to admit, they are pretty - I just wish they lived longer.  

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  1. glad you enjoyed the children. and glad you went to your reunion.


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