Friday, June 28, 2013

Lots of up and down emotions and concerns...

I got Dwight to drive us over to Amy's yesterday so that she could wash Page's hair for me. She has a shop in her home and is able to get all the soap out of her hair better than I can. After she washed it, she put a little Wen in it and let it set for a few minutes. After she rinsed and dried it, I couldn't believe the pretty highlights in her hair. Then Page asked Amy if could braid it. It took all four of both of our hands and 4-6 strands of hair to get the single braid started. Once we got it down to three strands, Amy could finish it herself.
Notice the pretty highlights in her hair.  I love how long it is now.  Page was very happy that Jen brought her two kids over Thursday evening after they got out of camp. She had been hoping she would get to be with Boy while she was here. Jen hated he was in camp all this past week but she didn't remember that Page was going to be here because she could have brought him last week. I could have sworn I had told her awhile back but either way, they had a good time. I had mentioned to her that Whole Foods had a few bamboo and she brought me three nice pieces (the only ones they had) so I finally got some new bamboo in my large bowl.  I had finally cleaned all the stones and the bowls this past week.  It took quite a bit of bleach but it looks pretty good.
I really love bamboo and hope to find some more soon for my other bowl.  It lasts forever and is so easy to take care of. Jen was happy that Kelly was in town and made arrangements to have her bring Page out to the farm tonight for more play time and dinner.
Our big disappointment and concern was that Tadashi was taken to the ER yesterday morning in an ambulance.  He is having issues with his diabetes due to not following the correct diet and basically just not caring anymore.  Lori has had her hands full with him not eating much for this past year. He is down to 102 pounds (he is a small man anyway). After many text messages and phone calls back and forth, we all finally accepted they aren't going to make it down this weekend.  We are ALL so disappointed.  Lori told me they are definitely coming down next month so now I'm trying to work it out so that they can be at the beach with us the last weekend of the week we are going to be there for our annual vacation.  Our hope is they will be able to stay in the other side of the duplex we will be in - if not, there is a small hotel right down the street from us so hopefully it will work out. 
It was nice having Monica and Tom come over last night. She didn't realize the Kikuchi's weren't going to make it and was sad to hear about Tadashi. Monica was very upset with Dwight when she learned he wasn't cooking his famous BBQ chicken. We had already gotten some Chinese for Kelly and Dwight but she didn't want any of that.  We got her some Mexican from Las Palmas and every time she took a bite she would say, "boy, this chicken is delicious Dwight". I told her she was wasting her time if she was trying to "guilt-trip" him because that just isn't possible to do to him.  I am just happy Monica was able to be with us as long as she was since she has to work several long shifts this weekend. We told Tom to come back over for a longer visit today and we totally enjoyed having him. He has always thought a lot of both of our kids.  Even though Kelly had to work from home today, it didn't interfere with her being able to enjoy him being here too.  I know Kelly came for a visit the first week of April so that Page could be here during her Spring Break, but that was three months ago!  I'm not sure she will ever realize just how much I miss her and her brother and crave having them here as much as possible. I think my being so "cut off" from everything and everyone is taking it's toll on me lately. I seem to be getting my feelings hurt easier and on the flip side of that, getting angry about silly things for no reason.
Of course Miya was in control of the situation and continued to rule her domain in spite of the many people who were coming and going during the evening. I hope Page and Boy were able to play outside for a little bit since the bottom fell out with another summer rain not long after she went over there.  It didn't last long. Don't you love it when it rains and the sun is still shining? When I was a little girl they used to say that meant the Devil was beating one of his wives.  Go figure.  Douglas just called to say they were going to stop by the farm and pick Page and Kelly up so that Kelly can have some wine. Such a sweet brother.

I asked Patsy to take and send me a few pictures of her little piece of Paradise with her telephone today. She and Larry are going to be down there for several weeks.  They are trying to decide what to do about living there full time. That will be a big decision for them either way. 
I just have to share this picture of Jessi and Phil's sweet baby girl. I know it must be hard to live so far away from both of your families when starting your own family but thankfully, she shares everything over FB.  We are all enjoying meeting this sweet little girl. Look at that happy little face. They are having lots of company come to meet this precious one which I am sure is making them happy. 
I just had a long talk with  Zandra and am so excited! She is coming to stay with me for a week in two weeks!  She has been dealing with some health issues for awhile now and it is starting to take it's toll on her.  She needs a break so I'm happy she will be able to come be with us. 
I was just getting ready to end this blog entry when the phone ran. It was Tom! He and Monica wanted to make sure Douglas and Jessie had gotten here safely.  I told him Douglas was stopping to pick Kelly and Page up.  He thought that was so sweet and talked about what a good brother he is. What a sweet man my Monica is married to.  Makes me so happy for her. What a nice family I have.

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