Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Kayak plus God's Word is Truth Convention - Roanoke, VA

Marlan and I got on the road last Thursday afternoon for a nice and easy trip North to be with our children at their District Convention. I was  just excited that it was really happening. I have had a very rough couple of months with various issues including medications but now I was heading toward a lot of people I love dearly.
I have to share a picture of Dwight's new toy - he bought a Kayak! He has never been in one before but after seeing a guy in one on TV fishing, he just knew he would love it. Well - after taking it out one time, he said he is starting to wish he had tried one out first. I have to laugh because it was really so unlike him to do this. He plans to try it again and feels he will enjoy it more once he gets used to it. I so hope one of his friends will buy one and accompany him.  My dear hubby - a "trend setter".   I truly enjoyed our trip and being able to attend all three days of the convention. We were late Saturday so I am hoping I'll be able to go to the one in Raleigh just for that part and maybe Dwight will come pick me up. Now to the convention.I love this picture of Briana, Marlan and Katie at the convention.  I can't even begin to explain how much this past weekend meant to me. I appreciate everyone who played a role in getting me there and helping me while I was there. I will just post some pictures now....

  I like the picture of Douglas with Jessie's Aunt Sylvia who was visiting. Jessie made a point of turning my chair around so that  people could come over to visit me during the lunch break. I was so happy to see a lot of old friends I haven't seen in a long time. I will never be able to thank Wally and Mark enough for making this possible.
This picture gives you an idea of how close I was to the stage. The drama was wonderful - as it always is. I knew several of the speakers so that made it even more special.  Marlan and I got on the road Monday afternoon and had a nice trip back home.  Of course, as soon as we finished unpacking the car, I realized I had left ALL of my hang-up clothes on the back of Page's bedroom door. Hello? Jessie took them over to Briana's this week and she was supposed to bring them down today. I just sent her a text message asking her about it but have a feeling she is asleep.  We are going to a poetry reading tomorrow afternoon and I'm really looking forward to it. Now I'm just hoping I will feel up to it. I made it to our meeting last night and hope to make it again on Sunday. I have got to get a good routine back . 
I had to share this picture Jessie took of the creek in front of her house. You could almost go swimming in that thing. It has been raining constantly here too so we know how she has been feeling.
There was another wreck that ended up plowing through Tony and Jen's front and side yard. This is what her Explorer looked like after the car tore through their place. The good news is this one didn't die like the last one that did the same thing did. He climbed out of what was left of his car and tried to hide but the police took custody of him. And yes, he was drinking and driving. Zandra called to let us know she isn't coming up Sunday as originally planned. She will more than likely be coming up the end of September at which time she is hoping to feel much better.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to make it to all 3 days of the convention! I hate that that happened to their car. We were driving by after it happened and saw the cop walking around. How frustrating is that?! Glad everyone is ok though.


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