Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekend with family

It was so nice having my family here this past weekend. I was so sorry our Pittsburgh family couldn't make it but we have made new plans for getting together next month so it all worked out in the end. Thankfully, Tad is feeling much better and eating well now. Not sure what he would do without our dear, sweet Lori to take care of him. I know he appreciates her.
Kelly, Douglas and Jessie went to the Farmer's Market early Saturday morning and brought back all kinds of goodies. Kelly bought a ton of these cute ties. She was practicing how to tie them and plans to use them in her hair too. I think she gave Douglas a few of them -- I think. I will mention in my next post for people to look down and see the rest of the pictures I'm getting ready to add from our weekend together. Kelly arrived Thursday night and she and Dwight had her favorite Chinese food.
I like this one of Kelly and Matt. He always tries to get by when the kids are here. I'm so excited for him as he will be leaving for the International Convention in China soon.
Jessie worked on putting Page's hair in this little bun holder. It looked pretty good but her hair is so long it was a little difficult getting it all around it.
Jessie bought me these gorgeous sunflowers from the Farmer's Market. I do so love these happy flowers.
I had to share this picture of Randi's little baby boy so my kids can see it. I know the entire family are all enjoying having this little bundle with them.

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