Friday, July 26, 2013

This and that mostly snatched from Facebook.....

Just a quick entry with some pictures to get a little more caught up on things. Am so looking forward to our upcoming vacation at the coast. In the meantime----
I wanted to share a picture of sweet Toni. I snatched this from a picture of her and her sisters off of FB - as usual. I just fell in love with the color on her and how it makes her smile pop.
On a sad note, this is a picture of her sweet Rocky. She has had him for many, many years and he recently passed away. It broke all our hearts because we all know how much she has loved him for so long. It is very hard to lose one of our beloved animal friends.
I also wanted to share this delightful picture of Katie holding Patrick and Kristyn's little man. Of course I snatched this one from FB also. She commented on the fact that it looks like he is smiling at her and it actually does.
Another steal from FB - this is Pam's grandchildren.  They were getting ready to eat a sandwich at the picnic table and when she looked out, she noticed they were praying.  How sweet is that.  Obviously a good pattern has been set for them to follow.
Of course, this is a piece by John Everett Millais called Ophelia. It actually is quite beautiful to me. The colors, the detail - beautiful.  Hope you enjoy......

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