Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oops - one more sweet baby and ART......

I had already closed out the last post and was getting ready to put my computer away when I noticed someone had sent me a text message. Along with the message was the following picture of Randi's sweet little boy, Bain.
Isn't he the prettiest little thing? I wish I could get my hands on him. Pam has been babysitting for Randi to work some this week and is going home tonight. She said GG is still doing really good so that made me and Dwight very happy. We really need to get back down there sooner than later. We will plan that as soon as we get home from our vacation. I was sad to learn that Jen and her family are not going to be at the coast while we are there after all.  We thought they had planned to be there at least some of the time we were going to be there.  They will be missed.......
The mailman brought me two packages today. One was my Biotene gum (I was down to the last pack of it and beginning to panic) and the other was art supplies I had ordered. As you know I follow other blogs - a few of which are listed on the side of my page.  Geninne's Art Blog is one of my favorites because of her talent and writing skills.  I found her through Kelly who was following her blog and I fell in love with her work also. Through her blog, I have found several other blogs I also follow. 
 I emailed her to let her know I had purchased two of her "Activity Journals" with tons of pages of her drawings and instructions on how we too can learn to do something similar. I asked her what pens she uses for drawing and for color and ordered both of them to try.  I figure we can play around with them at the beach. She also uses colored pencils but I have some of them from once before when I was going to start painting/drawing.  Uh-Oh - have I just wasted more money for no reason?  I also received the "One Zentangle A Day" book that is also supposed to help you learn about Creative Drawing. Hope springs eternal in my case. I can't even cut a straight line that has been marked for me.  I know - sad.  The good news is that Kelly, Jessie and Page all love to draw and paint so I know they will enjoy it so none of it will go to waste. Oh well........

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  1. fun art kits! you'll have to tell me what you think of the pens, a good art pen can make a huge difference. What a cute baby! Have fun at the beach!!


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