Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Atlantic Beach, 2013 - Day Three ("Hot Spot" makes it possible)

Thankfully Judy has a Verizon "Hot Spot" device making it possible for me to write on my blog today. Dwight and Douglas headed out on Sunday morning about an hour before Jessie, Miya and I finally finished loading the car and got on the road heading EAST. We made good time getting here and couldn't wait to get the car unloaded and start setting up. It takes Kelly 9 hours to drive from Atlanta so she didn't get here until much later. Judy had already been down here for a week and even though we have begged her to stay with us another week, she is planning to leave this afternoon for home. I'm going to miss her. We have the hardest time making time to get together.  I'm also going to miss her "hot spot" so will more than likely go over to Verizon and pay to hook up for the week. I could wait until I get home to write in my blog but as a rule, when I put it off, I eventually decide to just not write about something that has happened -- especially if I have to wait. I might try to write on my blog on my iPad and see how it works. Sadly, I don't know how to upload pictures on there so would have to add pictures later which once again means - I wouldn't. Oh well.
Yesterday was our first FULL day and it was very pleasant.  We always get good pictures when the sun in starting to go down.
Kelly and Jessie went onto the dock and Kelly decided to try her hand at fishing. They had already been to the "necessary" stores to get what was "necessary" for a few days.
 Jessie's family are down at their "time share" in New Bern and drove over to see us. I was so happy
 to see everyone, especially Jessie's brother Josh and his lovely bride Cindy.  It was also nice seeing
Cindy's son Matt again. I had met them several weeks ago at Doug and Jessie's when I was up for the convention.   Matt decided to go fishing with Dwight and Douglas after they got here and had a wonderful time.  Douglas was thrilled because it was his first time on a boat and he liked it.  Today they rented a jet ski for Matt to try out. They are trying to show him the best time they can before he leaves for college in California.
They actually came over yesterday to pick up Jessie and Page to go with them to the Aquarium.  Carmen had a disk with this picture in various backgrounds. It was cute. Of course I also got some hugs from Wally and Carmen and anyone who know Wally knows what a good hug that is.  They are doing everything they can to give Matt a great  week - especially since he will be leaving soon for California to attend college.  We talked them into staying for dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy the hot dogs and hamburgers Dwight cooked with French Fries and Baked Beans Jessie and Kelly made.  It was nice to have Judy join us for dinner.  We are trying our best to get her to stay down with us. I enjoyed being with her so much - so many good memories of our times here.
Dwight and Douglas went fishing today and Kelly, Jessie and Page went to the beach for awhile.  Kelly had to work first thing this morning and she just told me she is done for the rest of the week.  She just had to be at this particular meeting.
This is after Page got back from swimming with the fishes. I love how much she enjoys everything she does.  Such a delightful child she is. I can not believe she will be in the 7th grade this coming school year. I so hope it is a good year for her.  Yeah - if you have noticed how late it is, Judy left her "hot spot" down here with me for the week.  I promised Mark I would pay for any extra charge due to my using it more than has been paid for so far.  I really appreciate it because it saves me a trip to the Verizon store.  I have been writing on this post for most of the afternoon because of starting and stopping with everyone one coming and going and coming and going....maybe more later. 

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