Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last full day Atlantic Beach 2013….

It is hard to believe that the last full day of this year's annual summer beach vacation is almost half over and will soon bring our time here to an end. It always goes by so fast for all of us. Kelly plans to leave for home today around 3pm which of course worries me to death. That means she will be getting home very late in weekend traffic. I know, I know – as she “loves” to tell me – she is a “grown-up” now. I keep trying to explain that she will always be my little girl - always.
We had a full house last night with my sister Faye and her hubby John, my sweet niece Monica and her sweet hubby Tom joining us for some of Dwight's BBQ chicken and "fixins" including Lori's homemade macaroni and cheese. I totally enjoyed being with Faye last night. She is the reason I have an iPhone and yet I was teaching her how to do tons of things with hers last night that she didn't realize it could do. I also downloaded tons of her art work she had on there. And a few pictures of her family.
This is a picture of her oldest daughter, Lori, who was on the news back home. This is a picture of when they came in and interviewed her on TV yesterday afternoon for the news. They were doing a survey of downtown businesses asking them their opinions of how they felt about the post office planning to remove street corner mailboxes. As Faye said, we can only imagine what her response was. As a rule, she doesn't hold back one iota when it comes to sharing her opinion on something.
This is a picture of her youngest daughter, Steph, with her little boy and girl who are so stinking sweet.  The pictures of Faye and them were taken down at Faye's RV in Emerald Isle, down the coast from where we are now.  I've stayed there before and really enjoyed it.
These are the steps down to the beach where her RV is located so it is very nice for the kids to just walk over to the beach to play.  Faye had forgotten that Lori, Paul, Brandon and Tadashi were going to be here so she was very excited to see them when she got here. I showed her several of the blogs I follow and how they sell their artwork on Esty.  She wants me to show her how so I guess I'll have some research to do when I get home. 
These are just a few examples of her work.  I think she does some nice work but of course, I'm a little prejudiced.  She has switched mediums several times since she first started drawing and painting. I wish I had some of that talent but I'll just have to be satisfied with "appreciating" other people who have the talent.  They were all sitting on the porch after eating last night and finally made me and Faye stop looking at the phone and come out to join them. I'll have to say we had a wonderful time all getting caught up and remembering Mama and some of her favorite songs.  Faye and John both have beautiful voices and can sing anything.  I also wanted to share some pictures of Faye's pretty hair - I love the color and how it does in these pictures.
 This is Douglas after he went clamming a few days ago. He put on sunscreen but it must have rubbed off.  I hate that he burns so badly. I have been a little worried about him since he hasn't been feeling all that well lately.  They have all gone over to the sandbar to play, ride in the Kayak and swim today but he made sure he was covered up pretty good.  Dwight dropped them off and is getting himself a quick nap before it is time to go back out to pick them up. 
Kelly walked down to the beach and sat awhile this morning when she first got up and before anyone else was up. She looks so good. She has been walking, boxing and today told me she and Brian are lifting weights.  She is a physically strong woman anyway so I'm sure this is just making her stronger.  I didn’t have a good day yesterday and am still not totally “up to par” today. Hopefully I will start feeling better by the time they get back.
Sharing a picture I took of Carmen's earring. I think it is so unique and love the design and colors. Unless I have some pictures from their sandbar adventure or someone sends me some of the pictures they have taken while down here, this may be my last vacation blog entry.  We'll see......

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