Friday, August 9, 2013

more pictures, movies, good friends and getting caught up......

Lots of movies, lots of conversations and lots of getting caught up with a good friend. I have totally enjoyed having Frances stay with me while Dwight has been fishing this week.  It was nice having Marlan join us today.  We had planned on going to see Wolverine but to be honest, I haven't felt good for the past two days so we passed on going out and watched a few things on TV. 
Sadly, this is the best picture I've gotten of her - so far. I've tried to sneak a few others but they have all looked horrible.  She is on the phone with one of her lovely daughters and I am enjoying hearing her laugh out loud while talking to her.
These are a few more of the many pictures from our beach trip last week. Lori said they had a wonderful time. I love the picture of the "Miya bump" in my bed at the beach.  Marlan told me to be sure and read Speckled Kat's latest blog entry and I loved it. It is about her daughter going to Kindergarten and how well she is doing. There is also a picture of her newest baby girl who is so pretty and sweet.
 I wanted to share these two pictures Patsy sent me from the District Convention that is going on in Raleigh today.  They have two more days after today.  It is the same convention I attended in Virginia last month.  Frances has already been to the same convention also. 
This is the pretty quilt and blanket I'm using on my lap these days. The quilt is Kelly's and she sent it and the sheets that match it home with me from the beach to wash and keep here for when we go back to the beach.  That is the only place we use a set of full size sheets. It just so happens it matches the pretty blanket Ivy Jo gave me.  The bottom picture is a very good one of Tetsu. I have missed him since we got back from the beach.  Such a sweet boy he is.

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