Thursday, August 1, 2013

Everyone is finally here and the Kayak has been put in the water........

Thankfully the Kikuchi's arrived today and are finally here with us.  They drove down to Durham first so they could visit Barbara's grave yesterday.  Tadashi was hoping to get up with his brother but evidently that didn't work out.  It is so good to see all of them after such a long time.  I wanted to share a few mores pictures of the group digging for clams yesterday.
Dwight is going to do a Clam Broil tonight with clams, shrimp, polish sausage, corn on the cob, get the picture.  I'm sure it will be delicious as always. Kelly put the Kayak in the water and most everyone took a turn in it. It was the first time for all but one of them so I thought they did very well - especially since no one turned it over - yet.
 Monica is going to bring her Kayak over tonight so more than one or two can go out at the same time.  I am sure Dwight is glad to see so many people enjoying it since he has been second guessing his spur of the moment decision to buy it. The sun just popped out again!  Hopefully the weatherman is right and we will be having more sun than clouds the rest of our time here. 
I'll close with a picture of Dwight and Tadashi getting caught up on the front porch tonight.  They have their own little "smoking corner" set up.  It is so good seeing him feeling a little better. He still needs to gain a little more weight but I understand he is eating real well now so that makes me feel good.  We had a good conversation today about Sushi and exactly what it really is.  I sure hope he enjoys his time with us these next few days.  Thank you again Mark and Judy for the "hot spot" that makes this possible.

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