Saturday, August 10, 2013

Missing every body "but" Dwight this afternoon and more beach pictures

I have really been missing my kids this week. The one thing that has helped is having Frances here. We have been enjoying getting caught up and learning even more about each other's childhoods and experiences. We also like each other's children and grandchildren so that also gives us plenty to talk about. Kelly actually knew Frances before I did. They attended the same congregation in Cary and she thinks a lot of Kelly - said she always has. Of course, I'm not surprised since I think quite a bit of her myself. ;-)
I wanted to share this picture of Page go-kart racing. They said she really enjoyed herself and wasn't afraid at all.
A picture of Page playing putt-putt after riding in the go-karts. I think they had a great time last night.
 A picture of the flowers I received and the wonderful new reel Dwight received in the mail from the Kikuchi's today. I love fresh flowers and these are gorgeous. Dwight is very excited about his new reel. I am really looking forward to seeing them again at the end of next month.
A picture of the fish Dwight and Steve caught this week down at Oak Island. I was so happy to hear they were catching plenty because our week at the beach was pitiful for catching fish.
A picture of Frances this morning before Dwight got back. We both appreciate her coming to be with me this week.  Dwight gave her some of the fresh flounder he caught this week. 
Picture of Donald Gulledge - tall brother in cream colored suit - saying YES to the two baptism questions today before getting baptized. Such an important decision and one we are all very happy and proud of him for making. 
This is a picture of my starfish "tattoo". Just kidding - no way I would have anyone stick needles full of ink in my skin. Jessie got some of these for us to put on for fun. It wears off in a few days.
 On the deck Kelly's last night there. Page had so much fun this year. She is growing up so fast.
 Beautiful Doug and Jessie - I hope they had a good time. Sorry Doug felt so bad most of the time.
Page and Kelly acting up on the dock her last night. They have a special bond and I hope they always will.
 Dwight and Page doing what they do best. How many pictures do we have of Page sleeping? Too many to count but you will have to admit she is very pretty when she is sleeping.
Monica in her pretty blue Kayak with the bright red paddle. She actually gets around pretty fast in it.
Kelly and Michael where they are both smiling!  Sometimes it is hard to get Michael and Paul to smile for pictures.
Dwight and John and Dwight's famous BBQ chicken everyone craves. What can I say - the man can cook.
Monica and Tadashi - I was so happy to hear that Tadashi really enjoyed himself. He sat on the porch most of the time and said he loved seeing everyone have so much fun.
Douglas couldn't find his hat so I loaned him mine. It turned out his was underneath one of his shirts. I personally think he looks quite "dashing" in my hat. Dwight and I are so glad everyone enjoyed the Kayak.  This was taken the last day when they all went out to the sandbar to swim.
A picture I snatched from FB of Pam's three girls with the caption - "Yay! The Rasmussen family is back on the water!"
And I will close this rambling post with a picture of our sweet little Lyla! She is now 2.5 months old and smart as a whip!!! Her family are all enjoying her so much and I appreciate them sharing on FB with all of us so we can enjoy her too.

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