Thursday, August 1, 2013

It is a rainy day in Carolina - North Carolina that is....

We actually don't hate having one rainy day during our week here. A nice day to be lazy (or lazier), sit on the porch without the heat or bugs, go to a movie or just take a nap. We have all missed having Miya's brother Hiro here with us. I can't say Miya has missed him since she is such a spoiled little diva who has never had to share us with anyone. Hiro shares his humans with Vincent.
Yesterday morning everybody (but me) went clamming at the Hoop Hole with Fletcher and his doggies.  Don't ask - I have no idea where that is but there "be clams there" for sure.
They all enjoyed the experience and brought home two big buckets full of clams.  Dwight is going to cook seafood tonight with some of his famous homemade tartar sauce and cocktail sauce. I hope the Kikuchi's enjoy seafood. They let me know they will be getting here around 1pm today.
After Page got her shower we went for a short walk around the neighborhood. We noticed a lot of these tiny little flowers.  All of a sudden
Page bent down and picked me a little purple and white flower. How in the world did she even see it? Dwight cooked ribs and his famous potato salad for dinner last night. I was planning to try to eat some of the ribs but fell asleep and when I woke up, everyone was in bed.  Of course they all said it was delicious - as always. Gotta get up from here and get dressed before the K's get here. The good news is the sun just came out so maybe that is the end of the rain.  Either way - I'm glad we are all here together - whatever the weather.

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