Friday, July 24, 2009

Fifth day!!! Now this is just getting crazy......

Didn't we just get here? I can't believe the week is going by so fast. I'm trying to write while I can still remember (barely) what went on. I had to get some help from Leah to get things in the right order. Does that mean I’m officially old now? Tell me it isn’t so! Leah and Page2 went to Jacksonville this morningto pick up Katy to spend the night with Page2. She lives in the Wilmington area and that is about half-way. They very seldom get to see each other but call each other their BFFF - isn't that sweet. Probably works because they rarely see each other…just kidding. Katy is also 8 and going to the 3rd grade - the clinker here is that she just turned 8 and Page2 will be 9 in September.They all went to the beach and seemed to have a great time. Big D cooked burgers for dinner and then it was off the bed. I put the two girls in the middle bedroom and Big D and I took the sofa bed in the living room. I couldn't get the video of them playing in the surf to upload but this one is just as good. Shows how much they are really growing up.I told Big D – “there are girls in the house”. We shut the door so they could giggle to their heart's content. It brought back some really good memories.Page 1 brought each of us notebooks, colored markers and some guidelines to write poems, answer questions, etc., to help us write better. I took a stab at it and it was interesting. Maybe one day I’ll share my poem….maybe. Can't believe our vacation is almost over. When I was young back before I had any children I used to come down here quite often - and now I feel like I have to "steal" time to get down. I know both of our children love it here too - we crave to be here. The first thing we always do after we unload is walk out to the dock and just b r e a t h e. To see Big D's boat moored to the dock just makes it even better.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That brings me back to my childhood...or I guess everyones, where you only know one or 2 lines in a song! It's adorable!


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