Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miscommunications and disappointments......

I had said I would cover my old company for the week everyone went on vacation together in September - I figured, it would be just a week at the beginning of the service year - yeah - I can do that and then they can all have a good vacation and I'll have a little money to pay toward medical bills. Then another phone call with a desperate plea to cover 2 weeks in August - the owner had an outstanding opportunity to do something really special -so I said OK and then, a hurried and urgent phone call that the two weeks could become 6 weeks but I would only have to work 2 days a week, etc., etc. and the decision HAD to be made asap. Long story short - I should have gotten a lot more detailed information. I have covered before and it can be harried but the reason I worked w/this company is because I could go in service during the day as long as I had all my files and my phone w/me and could run by the house every once in awhile if necessary to do something in the computer. Then last night I find out that No - that isn't what I "agreed" to do. The company has changed (never told that) and I am expected to stay in the office ALL DAY this week, next week, 2 days a week for 3-5 weeks and then another full week in September. To say I was completely floored would be putting it mildly. There will be no details put here except this - I am doing this and have put it in it's proper place and have also made the decision and made that decision known - I will never agree to do this again. Never. So my good friend who has been in a worse situation for several months has been very encouraging to me and we are going to make our time this year by hook or crook and are going to enjoy every moment of it. Look for our skeletons trying to start that one last study before August 31st.

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  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I'm sure she appreciates it, but man, that really stinks! Hope you got your time in. Thanks for being there as much as you can for Marlan, you are a great friend!


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