Monday, July 20, 2009

Second day of vacation - good intentions...walk on the

Okay everyone - grab your bottles of water and let's go walk on the beach! Woo Hoo! Then a little later they all came back and Little D and Page1 decided to "stretch it out"! Ahhhh - now we can eat all the BBQ Chicken, Mashed Taters and Cole Slaw Daddy cooks for dinner tonight!! Don't ask how many more times this scenario was played out - NOT! The guys went fishing and the girls went shopping! The girls all went to Swansboro - Page1 says I have become a wine snob and I'm afraid she might be correct. The last time we were down in November, I discovered a wonderful wine at a wine tasting at Christina's Collectibles (blame Ann for this - she sent us the invite and urged us to go). I fell totally in love with a wine they had that night and bought 3 bottles - one for each family. When I got home, I went on a mission to find it around here. I was put in touch with a distributor who ordered it and had it sent to a retail establishment where I picked it up. Turns out I had fallen in love with an Australian 5 star wine. SO - I decided to order some to take to the beach with us - turns out the distributor has stopped carrying it and the last 8 bottles were sold down East. SOOOO I called Christina's and found out she had 4 bottles left - I ordered and paid for them over the phone and we went to get them. OK, OK - maybe just a little extreme?? We also went to the tea/beer shoppe next door and purchased a few things including some nice little boxed long matches that are good for lighting candles or as I do, keeping in the bathroom to strike when needed. Ahem. After this we had to make a WalMart run to get last minute stuff for the week.
Everyone came up for dinner and we got to spend some time with Boy and Biscuit(I'm only using these names here because I have no choice!) Checkout the little shirt - such a sweet little girl. Ann brought some of her delicious dip and we all drank some of my delicious wine and started gnoshing while waiting for the chicken to come off the grill - Hey - it's called a vacation! Chicken was good as always. Lee was feeling a little under the weather.

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