Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More vacation..ouch,'s up!

Poor Page2 - the mosquitos even got her on her head. They love her just like they always have me and her Aunt Page. Guess we are just too sweet? Yeah - right. We are finally starting to wind down. Daddy and Little D went fishing, and the girls are going to the beach! Woo Hoo.
I stayed around the cottage with Lee while he did some last minute work before heading home. He never slows down. At one point today, I looked into his eyes and had to go to my room for some private time. It was like looking into his Dad's eyes except I could see the pain of his loss there and it was too much for a few minutes. We talked about the wonderful piece of art JWR left for his family to enjoy. She put it together when she was down the week his Dad died.(Picture to come)Ann had already left with Boy and Biscuit and they are now ALL manifesting the wonderful symptoms of the cold that was left behind by one of the families that were down with them last week.
Lee and I went through some things while I made a list of what needed to be replaced. Don't get too excited - it didn't stay this straight! Yep - kiss those two pots w/o handles good-bye. (Disclaimer - I didn't make the decision to throw anything away - that decision was made by family members.) The pots on the left with just one lid between them was put in the cabinet under the micro-wave if they are ever needed.
I finally grabbed my book and chair and headed down to the beach to join the girls. Page2 did really well with her Boogie board and Page1 got to dive into the waves - which she loves. (Pictures to come). I enjoyed sitting under the umbrella reading and watching my girls play. I started to get in the water but it would have required me getting up. Yep - definitely starting to relax. Page2 also tried to fly her kite which worked well for a little while. Tonight Leah made her world famous, delicious and huge Lasagna - it was sooooo good and lasted the rest of the week. (Picture to come)YUM

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