Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Love Letter....

Okay....we ended up working with Mary and her two darling boys this afternoon as everyone else went in. It has been amazing how well all the children have gotten along these past few weeks in the ministry. Mary's two little boys are so sweet. The oldest one is going into the 2nd grade this year and is pretty quiet and the youngest one is going into the 1st grade and is very, very outgoing and active. The youngest one is a little precocious - he wrote these two notes to Page2. When she handed me the first one, Mary and I looked at it and smiled. Wasn't that sweet?Then Page2 handed me the second note and Mary and I were like - hello? I think he more than "likes" her - don't you?Check out how he has on a short pants and they are coming from a house in service in the first one (written in red ink) but in the second one, he has on a "tuxedo" and the flowers on her skirt show up more. I called Leah to see if this was her first love note and she said she thought so - then I realized - one was a love note and the other a proposal? Just kidding.

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  1. Da da dada, da da sweet! What did Page2 say about this? If she remarked in anyway like she normally does, I'm sure it was funny. He is such a sweet boy! Alex told Kalli Clair that he wanted to marry them, but they shot him down. Then he said sadly, none of my friends that I love want to marry me :(


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