Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fourth day already can that be? Cha-ching.....

After dropping Leah and Page 2 off at the beach, as Mama would say, I went Scoota-Pooting by myself. First I went to the Post Office (for stamps) and waited for 20 minutes for them to return from lunch which actually worked out because the bottom dropped out. Leah called and then called back to say they were going to stay down at the beach because it was moving fast and sure enough - the sun came out. Page2 eventually joined them for a really pretty day on the beach. I headed back down to Swansboro where we went yesterday afternoon. It was a nice day for a ride down the coast. When I had picked up the wine at Christina's Collectibles yesterday, I saw some earrings that were handmade from vintage jewelry. They were quite pricey so I didn't get them BUT I kept thinking about how unique they were and decided - I'm worth it! So off I went to purchase them! Cha-Ching!! Then I went back to Morehead to complete my shopping for two new Cuisinart Pots,a new frying pan, measuring cups and spoons, a new KitchenAid can opener, a new coffee maker, a new table-cloth and various and sundry items for the "stuff" drawer. I also bought some
kitty litter, two new dresses and a new printer. The girls said the dresses looked good so I'm planning to wear them to the convention this coming weekend. They are the same except one is green and the other one is black. Nothing fancy and they are very, very comfortable. I'm happy.....and BROKE. I think I'll wear my new earrings with the green one. Hmmmmm
Tonight we had Big D’s wonderful seafood soup. He and Little D have been putting the crab pot out all day and there were six nice sized crabs in the pot along with shrimp, scallops and other good things. We had nice crusty bread to “sop up the juice” ... it was very good. I think the Daisy Cakes have seen their best days - time to say good-bye.

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