Monday, July 6, 2009

Older Sister......

I was trying to send everyone copies of our family reunion pictures and noticed a few of my sister and her family - and what a pretty family. I can't remember a time without my sister in my life. Mama said her name was the first word I spoke. That is kind of funny because Mama had been worried and taken me to the doctor when I was three and had not uttered a word. The doctor explained that with so many sisters in the house, I had not needed to speak yet and to watch out because once I started, they might wish I hadn't - cute. Most people find it hard to believe how shy I was as a young child - even after I started talking, it was only to Rose and Mama for quite a while. Rose has always been there - trying to take care of everyone she loves like her husband of over 50 years - they look great don't they?

When Dee was born I was only 13 and thought I could never love a child as much as I loved her. Then Ruth's daughter, Ann, was born followed by Wayne, Jr. with those big brown eyes and my heart was lost again and again through all my nieces and nephews. Ruth and her family missed the reunion this year and were missed by everyone. Of course it drives Rose crazy that Wayne, Jr. insists on driving his bike - she drives herself crazy worrying about everyone - it is who she is and it is always done out of love. As Mama always said - Ain't she sweet? Yep - she is and I love her.

So here everyone is minus Wayne, Jr. who took the picture with Aunt Eunice up front. The woman behind Aunt Eunice in the lime green shirt and pants is her daughter who looks so much like her Daddy who was the oldest of Mama's two brothers. And that is Dee with Dorothy Dog beside Aunt Eunice.

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