Saturday, December 5, 2009

Few more snapshots from November Vacation..

Just a few more pictures from the vacation I want to remember. We didn't take as many this year as we normally do. Sometimes we take too many but I'm getting better at deleting the not so perfect ones.
Page bought Page2 a new Jimi Hendrix tee shirt. Page and Page 2 slept in one of the middle rooms at the cottage and Page said, "This is the first time I've slept in the grown-up room." I had to smile at that because she has been coming here her whole life.
Of course family vacation includes our two babies. They are siblings and we try to get them together when we can. It took them a little longer to settle down this time as there were so many more people but they finally came out of hiding.
Time for crafts! They were making frames. I printed out a picture of the two of them to put in their little frames.

It was nice to listen to Chels play and sing - such a talented young woman. She has written a few songs and she and some friends have even recorded some of them. Little D always enjoys being with her and sometimes playing along.
I've done really well at not putting every picture I took on here so don't judge me! I only have two more from the vacation I want to keep on here. One is of Mae - I just have to keep it here because it makes my heart smile everytime I look at it.
And the last one is of course of our beautiful baby girl. How do you not squeeze that pretty smiling face?
She is just such a little joy. Both of my kids were picky eaters so I love to watch her eat. Her Mom steams all fresh veggies for her and she loves them. Always has that pretty smile on her face. I almost forgot, I was finally able to give Ann the gift Page bought for Biscuit when our family was here a week during the summer.The little earrings are Violets and the stake is for Ann's garden to post beside her violets or even in potted violets. Ann really liked both gifts. Iwill also be posting a few more pictures of some gifts I bought people. One I'll be giving to my friend this evening (I got me one too) and the other will be sent to my niece (unless I can talk her into meeting me somewhere or coming by for a short visit). There is a story behind both gifts and I will relate those when I upload the pictures.

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