Tuesday, December 29, 2009


After looking at my blog entry from yesterday, I just realized something else about myself. I have more of my Mama in me than I thought. I have a sister who likes to say - "Oh yeah - I am Mama's daughter - just find me some sand and I will stick my head in it up to my ears rather than have to deal with anything". Then she will just conveniently "forget" whatever "it" was. I have another sister who literally does forget everything, another sister who kind of remembers everything and a sister who says she remembers EVERYTHING - even things that happened when she wasn't even thought of or even scarier - things that absolutely never happened anywhere but in her own imagination. The scary thing about the last two is they will swear someone down that what they are saying happened!? Hello? I learned so much more about my past when I read the letters Mama wrote my sister and some other people and we got copies of them. After reading some of the book I mentioned on the entry from yesterday - I realized that I too have been in denial about some things and really do need to be a little more pro-active in certain areas of my life. When I stopped working - it was such a relief to not have to hold so much "stuff" in my head all the time. I'll have to say that pioneering really is a full time job and I need to hold a few more things in my memory than I do because of return visits, bible studies, etc. - what would I do without the calendar function on my phone? My life is now in that little phone! Because of my sweet sister who worries herself into a frenzy about every tiny little thing that she can't control - I have worked so hard to not be like her that I have became a little too blase' about some things. After this week, I need to buy out a little time, sit down somewhere quiet for a bit and think about some things. That should be interesting.


  1. 2009 was also the start of "Belma's Pearls" by Tricia -Keep it up! I've really enjoyed learning more about YOU! :-)

  2. That's right - I forgot that! Thanks for the reminder and all your wonderful comments. I know sometimes I just ramble on but it is kind of therapeutic at times.


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