Thursday, December 24, 2009

Heavy and Sad

I wrote a very long entry but decided to delete it. I was feeling very heavy and sad about something on this night and typed it out, reviewed it a couple of times and eventually deleted it to a private file to review again later. And yes - the picture depicts my sadness to the point of crying several times but not my rage. I want my Blog to be upbuilding to those who read it - not depressing. The reality of life is - some things happen that make us feel heavy and sad like a dark rainy day but I had a nice chat with Roseanne and am sure I will again - nice to have a good friend who catalog things but never shares them with anyone else. Someone you can tell your deepest, angriest feelings to and know they recognize you just have a need to vent and that eventually you will be okay again. This one has taken some time but I'm sure this too shall pass. I have more important things to think about. My whole family will be with me this weekend and hopefully I'll feel much better by the time they get here. Either way - life will continue to move around us so we may as well learn to float during those peaceful times we can and expect to have to swim hard at other times.


  1. Sorry your were having a heavy day :( Had a week of that a couple weeks ago. Just couldn't stop crying. It's finally passed. I hope yours did too. Glad you have a great friend to vent to when things aren't right!

  2. I'm glad you got better - I think of you ofen and know you have had some stressful times these past few months. You are a very special young woman my dahlink Katarina - if I had the money, I would send you to Paris for a week! ;-)


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