Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleep, sleep, elusive sleep ---

Ran across these cute pictures from last year when Biscuit was still in the oven and Ann and Boy came by after we got back from our Annual trip to the beach to collect some "loot" for Biscuit. Boy hates to keep his shirt on. Maybe he got that from his Dad?

Uh Oh! What Mama? Here she comes to put the shirt back on Boy. No - I'm not cold - really!

NOOOOOO - I don't want my shirt back on! WHY do I HAVE to wear a shirt? It isn't cold outside to me! I'm not outside!
OH MAN!!!!! STUPID SHIRT!!!! Oops - forgot to mention that it is almost 5am when I'm posting this - ergo - the title of this post about elusive sleep - hey - it's called sleep deprivation.

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