Friday, December 4, 2009

Let the vacation end...

The vacation went by so fast - we now have only our few pictures and scattered memories of another year gone by. Of course we had to make some cookies. It was a little funny. They kept putting so much flour on the cookie dough I thought they would taste like bread but they were actually pretty good - especially after we put chocolate in between two of them - yum. Everyone seemed to have a good time and of course we thoroughly enjoyed this little girl. She smiles all the time, loves to eat and sleep and is the sweetest little thing - you just want to squeeze her - which we tried to do. She is going through a stage of really only wanting Mommy to hold her. BigD said he was glad he didn't bring the boat this time. He got to relax more and we didn't let him do ALL the cooking. Of course he cooked breakfasts, his famous chicken, put a large piece of pork in the rotisserie and made his famous seafood soup. Big D, Page 1 and Ches put together the globe puzzle Page 1 brought. It was smaller and a little harder than she anticipated but they had a good time doing it. I love how their hands look together. All the girls went to Beaufort on Saturday to shop and have some appetizers and wine/drinks at a local waterfront cafe. One of the best things about vacations is you can let your hair go and not wear make-up. Who cares? You probablyh will never see these people again! :-) Of course Page 2 and Granddaddie had to fish off the dock. She has gotten so good with her casting and loves fishing as much as her Mom does. Another highlight was Boy getting his first bicycle. He was so cute. I think the cutest part was when he was having trouble with his helmet - it would stick to his hair when he would take it off. His Dad kept trying to fix it and Boy said "It's okay Daddy - I don't mind that it hurts my head when I take it off".I stayed down one night longer to help Ann get everything together since she still had the baby. Mae and Lynn came up for breakfast and helped us get everything together and clean up. It was a beautiful day to be outside. We took another picture before leaving Mae and Lynn down for another week. Yep - I'm jealous. Another November at the coast gone. I hope my children will only have good memories of their times here. It was hard to leave this time but it was time to say good-bye.We got away a little later than planned and the sky kept getting darker and darker so I opted to get off the bypass in Clayton and come home through downtown Garner and Raleigh. It was a good move as the bottom did fall out and it poured. My night vision isn't as good these days - especially in strange places or where there are a lot of cars behind me on major highways. Add the rain and I'm a loaded gun. Of course I had to make a detour to Krispy Kreme - yikes. I did good though - I "finally " stopped myself and made Big D eat the rest which he was more than happy to do.

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