Sunday, December 20, 2009

A good day - I can say - ahhhhh

It has been a very full day and except for not getting a few things done around the house - very satisfying. I woke up refreshed and was having my first cup of coffee while studying my WT for today's meeting when the husband of one of my spiritual daughters called to say the whole family was going to come to our meeting! I told him to come early because Roseanne and I had already made plans for after the meeting and he said they would. It was nice to sit between Jo and Abi - both of them answered at the WT study and I taught Jo how to not only hum the songs but to sing La La La with them. I couldn't find a picture of their beautiful little boy but he is on my blog in another post - the one when the girls came and made breakfast for me. I found one! Of course he has the same blonde hair. Everyone was so happy to see them. They are in Bahama right now but you never know - they may come back one day. We are going to try to get all the girls together after next weekend when I have Page2 - maybe a tea party or something. We'll see. I left as soon as the meeting was over and Roseanne and I went to see Avatar. The special effects were everything I anticipated and more. The colors alone were worth seeing the movie for but it is SciFi and not for everyone. It is always nice being with Roseanne but I especially enjoy going to movies with her. We have very similar tastes in what we like and it isn't necessarily what people assume that will be. Of course the movie wasn't just about special effects - it did have an ageless story of prejudices, fear of anyone different for you, powerful people thinking they have a right to take anything they want regardless of who it hurts, dis-respect, romance, betrayal --- all the things that go into making a story come alive. Sometimes you start to think you could write the scripts but there is no one who could have written the beauty of this world any better than Cameron did with his special effects. Roseanne reminded me that he is the one who made The Abyss which we both also loved. Of course everyone remembers that he made Titanic which was an amazing film for special effects and the love story that touched everyone's heart. It didn't hurt to have Celine Dion sing the theme song that most people can at least hum if not sing. It truly is one of the prettiest songs written and speaks so well to how we can keep our dead loved ones alive in our memories and by talking about them. Makes you long for the day we are all looking forward to when we will see them all again with no more sickness or pain. Just got home and Big D had heated up some steak and taters so going to eat now. Ahhhh


  1. It also didn't hurt to have leonardo play the leading role in titanic ;)

  2. He gets better with age doesn't he?


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