Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary........

It is so hard to believe that Big D and I have been married 44 years today! I called Big D to wish him a Happy Anniversary - Yep - he is at the coast fishing! We already bought our gift for this year - a new Leaf Blower! Woo Hoo! Who said romance is dead? I had a very busy day. I picked up a Bagel and Coffee for me and Bry, sat in Bry's truck,(it was cold) to eat and read the paper while he changed the oil in my car (Ava). I used to call her Bessie but after spending well over $1200 on her last year, we upgraded her name to Ava. Then I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few things to assist me in my new eating habits and went for my medical appointment to get my BP checked. It was perfect!!!! Turns out the doctor wanted to see me today and we had a great chat about accountability, new eating habits, working into an exercise program and all that entails - so I will be going to his office once a month to weigh, have my BP checked and follow up on my progress in all those areas. While there, I thought I would post pictures of my regular healthcare team. I inherited my doctor from his Dad who I started going to when I was a young teenager. He gave me my first real physical and I came to care for him very much. He always made me feel he cared for me too. He was a wonderful diagnostician who I feel saved my brother-in-law's life when he found his lung cancer back in the 60's. He turned his practice over to his son who is a few years younger than me when I was about 39 years old..Wow - where did the time go? When I told him I wanted to get pictures for my Blog today - I had to wait for him to get his Dog! He was so excited and I followed him around to his office where he had a child's gate up. He is a rescued Golden Lab named Tobey and I can tell they have bonded. He said he has been bringing him to work with him every day! Then we had to go back to the examining room to get the picture. Of course Tobey smelled Miya on my coat so it took a few minutes to get him settled and away from my coat. It made me smile to see his happy face with his new friend. I also had to get pictures of everyone else - Pam has been with my doctor for as long as I can remember.She has always been so helpful and between the two of them, they helped my mother through her last illness. I will never forget their patience, caring, kindness and consideration through that difficult time. These two have been the constant in this practice all these years. They recently moved into a new location which is much smaller but fresh and new feeling. I love the colors they have picked out and they all say they love it even though there isn't half the room. We can't forget Betsy who greets you when you walk in the door. The waiting room is very small but that is okay because you don't have a very long wait anymore. He has downsized from some of the work he used to do with the City. She is great at the front desk, always has a smile on her face and is willing to answer all kinds of questions. Darlene used to be at the front desk and is now the person who takes my blood, checks my BP, temp, weight, etc.,. I love her hair. When I first met her, her hair was very short. When I commented on how long her hair is getting she told me she is going to grow it out to at least her waist.I asked her if she was going to donate it for wigs and she said she thought she would. I'm looking forward to watching her progress over the next year. Since I'll be going in once a month - I'll be able to watch it grow. My sister and her husband haven't seen the new offices yet and she always asks me about them when we talk. She hates change more than anyone I've ever met and no matter how much I tell her it is nice, she frets about it. :-) I also spotted Clara working away on the computer and got off a quick snap shot. Lisa didn't want her picture made - Pam took one of her from behing but I decided to respect her feelings about not having her picture made. Everyone else seemed to be in a great mood and excited to have their picture made today. I think I was a little contagious - I was so happy with my new report and my doctor was so happy with his new dog and they are all so happy with their new location with the new furniture and fresh paint. I guess we were all just happy - the sun was shining and it was all good. I left there and went to Lowes and the Cleaners at Brier Creek and came home to crash. The dirty dishes were still sitting in the sink so I had to do them after all. I'm going to take Miya back to bed to see if I can get some sleep.

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