Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011 --- Eighth Month....

Today is Leah's parent's 41st wedding anniversary. I sent them both text messages - hope they got them. It is also the day I realized just how fast "my" time is racing by. For example, Page has been with me and BigD over 3 weeks now and it feels like she just got here to me. She has been such a wonderful little girl - especially regarding service. Of course as you look at her face, you can see she is about done - over with it - fini.  Bless her sweet heart - I'm so glad I saw this because I think she is getting tired.  I really don't want that - I want her to enjoy service.  After tomorrow, I may cut back each day a little for a few fun things. She is going to go over a chapter in the book she placed with the daughter of my study if she can tomorrow. I made the mistake of taking a long nap yesterday afternoon and wasn't asleep until after 3am this morning. So I was about done or fini before I got started myself.
Page wanted to call her Papa and Gma to say Happy Anniversary - they went on a cruise to Alaska last year for their 40th. A place I've always wanted to "visit" but never wanted to live.
So after a long day in service (Rose joined us for the afternoon) and rushing to WW to weigh in - I picked up dinner for Page and BigD and popped the cork! Yep - that is exactly what I'm talking about. I got tons of paperwork done yesterday and hopefully - am caught up.  Page and I are getting ready for bed (we are going to read a while) and hopefully another long day in service and then ahhhhhh. Will go out Wednesday morning but planning to go swimming in the afternoon with Rie and the boys.  Vacation is right around the corner - counting the days.

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