Friday, July 2, 2010

Aren't telephones one of the best inventions ever?????

Just got off the phone with my beloved Page!!! Made me so happy I had BigD open the bottle of wine I had in the fridge. Yuck - it ain't my favorite wine at all. I'm sure by the second glass, it will be okay. :-) When I reflect on being the parent of grown children it always makes me think of my Mom since I have always felt she pretty much perfected the art of being a great Mom to grown children and grandchildren and especially son-in-laws. If I can do half as good as I thought she did, I'll feel pretty dog·goned good. She had some really positive news to share about her job and life SO BigD and I are celebrating on having such a smart daughter. That's enough on that though - she gets a little antsy if I brag or talk about her too much. I'll leave it at saying from me and Daddy: WAY TO GO BABY-GIRL!!!!. We are so PROUD of YOU as always!!!! Have a great weekend!!! We also want to mention how happy we are about how well Bentley is doing also. I wish I had more pictures of him - I love his face. He has such nice strong features and then these beautiful blue eyes to go with them. I can certainly see what my Page sees when she looks at this special young man. I think we are all so excited about our upcoming vacation in a few months we almost shake like a puppy when we think about it. Page and I were talking about the things we have already bought (or are going to buy) for our beach trip. I have two things lined up (ordered the second one today) that I think everyone will enjoy - especially the kids. We were talking about how happy we are that Ann and Lee are coming down with the kids - we love kids at the beach - I think it reminds us of how special the beach really is. It also did reminds me that I need to have my family over for a cook-out soon. Maybe in the Fall when the weather gets a little cooler, we can have everyone over for chicken on the deck. I spoke with Ruth about our trip to PA and she said that sounds like a plan. Her fire ant bites are much better - mine have about another day and a half before I want to stop chewing my toes off. We were laughing about how susceptible we are to any kind of insect bites or poison plants. My poor Pages both inherited this trait. My Kurt didn't do too well with his wasp sting either. I just spoke with Eileen's hubby - turns out her Mom reacted badly to a treatment she was getting this morning and he said she called around 1pm to say they were in the ER. Then she called a few hours ago to say they were going to admit her Mom and she wasn't sure if she was coming home or not. Poor Eileen - I don't know how she stands up under all the stress she has from day to day. Her hubby is recovering for knee replacement and thank goodness they finally found a pain medication to help him so he seems okay for now. I love Eileen's Mom - have known her since the 6th grade and I hate she is having these health problems. I love this picture of Page - Leah text messaged it to me this afternoon. This was the first day of their District Assembly. I loved going there for our summer conventions. Page1 was a baby the first time we went there and then we went to Greensboro. Kurt was baptized in a pool there when he was 17 and it was at one of the conventions there that he met Leah. Out of that came our beautiful Page2. So I have lots of reasons for loving the conventions there. BigD is about ready to take the steaks and pork chops off the grill. Hope everyone has a great weekend....

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  1. Roanoke was where I met (finally in person, we were pen-pals before then) one of my favorite people, Sharon when we were 8yrs old. Also where I met my first real crush. Both of them were extraordinary loving people and they both passed away several years ago and I can't wait to greet them in the paradise with open arms one day!!! It was great being there this weekend and seeing friends that I met through Sharon through the years, and seeing how they've changed and started families of their own...doesn't hit me that I'm an adult with 2 children until I see other people my age as adults with children of their own :)
    Happy for Page about the good news!..though I don't know what it is :)


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