Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Tuesday.....

Well the "day off" is definitely over. Was remembering our trip to EI and loved this picture I took of beach grass. Most people who know me know I love the color green...see how this tiny green pushes it's way through the sand to the light? So many shades of green to enjoy and I think I enjoy them all. Wouldn't mind having a little "green" in my wallet these days. LOL BigD and I enjoyed our "day off" yesterday. I took two naps - that's right - two naps. The first one was what Mama would have called "fitful" sleep. I Googled that term and guess what - it is a real definition. I realized I was still sleepy so I crawled back in the bed and bingo - success. I felt very rested when I got up and BigD confirmed that I slept good - I snored! ZZZZZZ Yum. Of course I paid for that good nap by not being able to get to sleep until some time after 3AM! Had a very full day in service - went with a friend on her study this morning and then Eileen joined us and we went on Shen's study. Her daughter looked so cute in her little dress and couldn't wait to show me her loose front tooth! I took 2 other pictures of her (with my phone), one of her showing me her tooth and the other with her little shrug that matched her cute little dress but they were too fuzzy. We went back to the KH and met up with Vera and Luz for some return visits. Eileen enjoyed one she had been trying to get way out in the country so the afternoon was pretty successful too. After picking up my car (yep - that same tire was flat again and they found 2 more nails in it - that makes 4 plugs in that one tire over the past 3 weeks) I went to my sister's house to get my hair chopped off. I think my hair is growing faster these days - is that possible? Even Saundra commented on how much it had grown and that was with me chopping some off the top twice. It is so HOT - a nice cool shower was just what the doctor ordered and then we had leftovers and some ice cream. Dwight's niece called and I'm picking up lunch after morning service for her, GG and me and staying with GG while she runs errands. While GG was in the hospital she has been busy - having the carpet and floors professionally cleaned, cleaning out closets and drawers - man I need to hire her to come in here and clean out. I'm making a little headway - little at a time. I love this picture of GG's oldest daughter and her hubby when they were visiting in Alabama awhile back. I grew up with this beautiful woman and treasure all the memories I have of all our adventures together - some wonderful and carefree and others more adult and wracked with the pains and struggles of being grown ups with husbands and children. She has always reminded me of a shiny new penny - beautiful inside and out - her beautiful bright eyes and quick smile and laughter. She is a strong beautiful woman who with her husband has raised three beautiful strong women who knew one thing above all else - they were loved. We started out as girlfriends and we ended up being family and even though we seldom see each other, she will always be one of those rare people you have in your life that you pick right back up with as soon as you are together like no time has passed. I plan to get some things done Thursday afternoon after my doctor appointments - Abi will be spending the night with me and going in service with me all day Friday. Then we have to run home and prepare the vegetables so they can marinate all night for the party on Saturday. Called my sister Ruth and got the good results from her hubby's medical tests. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to go up to PA next Monday and mentioned today she was going to get her tires checked. I told her not to worry if she couldn't go because I was going whether she goes or not. She asked me how I would go and I said I would either rent a car of fly. She said - OK - I'll go get some new tires and unless something happens, I'm going too. Check.

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