Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Good Sunday.......

A good day - ahhhh. Slept late, studied for the meeting, had a nice shower, good breakfast made by BigD, got the roast in the crock pot and went to the meeting. When I got ready to leave the hall, someone noticed that same tire was slack again. What the heck? BigD went and put some air in it and I guess I'll take it back to the shop Tuesday morning. BigD went to see GG today and said she seems to be doing real good. They are still planning to send her home tomorrow so that is good news. I think I've been tagged to make a chocolate pie for her. I cooked some egg noodles for the roast and gravy and BigD said he really liked it like that. I also fixed me some fresh asparagus with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt - he doesn't like it. The neighbor is going to town with the fireworks tonight. I guess last night was a preview. Wish Page could be here to see them -she would like them. Hope everyone had a good weekend........ Wanted to share..... GG's oldest daughter and her lovely family.
Boy with the newest addition to his family - his beloved Dixie Lou. So pretty - can't wait to meet her. Love Yellow Lab Ladies....
My beautiful spiritual Mom with her late hubby, son, his wife and their daughter.
One of my beautiful spiritual daughters giving a presentation at the meeting this past Thursday night. She approached me today to ask if her oldest daughter can start going out with me some this summer - she is reaching out to be an unbaptized publisher. She just turned 10 this past month. Awww - my babies, babies are growing up.
Picture I snatched of some more kids of kids....... Sophie Jane, Poppy, Makenna, not sure, Kalli, Jack, Sawyer and behind Sawyer - Clair. They were singing their ABC's. So cute. Fireworks finally stopped - real big show tonight from the comfort of my living room. Can't beat that.


  1. She's 10 ALREADY?! crazy how time flies! My niece, Mariella will be turning 9 in a few days, I miss her so much :(
    The little girl you aren't sure of the name is Jordan White, parents and Bert and Bridget, in the North congregation. The back row is: Jacob, Morgan, Alex, Bryce, and Brooke.

  2. awww - thanks. she will be 10 in september - crazy isn't it?


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