Monday, July 19, 2010


Insomnia: a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Yep - here I am at 4:29am sitting at the computer listening to BigD and Miya snoring away. How do you spell jealous? My sleep pattern became even more convoluted while I was up North with my sister and my internal clock is still not in sync. We had our Pioneer Meeting with the CO Saturday morning at 8am since there was a Memorial and wedding going on in the afternoon. The CO's wife approached me after that meeting to confirm we were working together. I was caught a little off-guard. I knew I would be out of town during the week so the elder said he would put my name down tentatively for Saturday but he knew the CO and his wife normally worked together on Saturdays. When she approached me, the first thing she asked me was how my sister was. How thoughtful. I had forgotten all about the tentative plan for us to work together and as it turned out; the CO and his wife did work together but allowed me and a young sister in our congregation to join them. They both have such calming and pleasant personalities - the morning was good. The talks today were excellent and it was good being back with everyone. I've been taking it easy since I got back - trying to rest. I was so sleepy when I got home Saturday I finally took a nap which kept me awake until almost 3am yesterday morning so I stayed awake today and I'm still not asleep. I tried reading and when I felt sleepy, I turned off the light without looking at the clock because I knew it was late (early). As soon as I turned over, my mind snapped awake and has been going a mile a minute. So - I just sent an email to the funeral home asking for an afternoon appointment for tomorrow (today)so I can give them the check for the pre-paid funeral and to give approval of the monument I hope can be put into place as soon as possible. Then I sent an email to Gail asking her to remind me of the date we have set aside for Gerl's going away party (I deleted my entire telephone calendar by mistake and I LIVE by that stupid calendar). I also just noticed I still haven't paid sales tax and we have a new bill sitting on my desk. I also have got to call Wayne to set up a date for him to bring his talk over here this week for me to type for him. Yep - I've got to make a list of things to do - for me that is the easy part. Keeping up with the list is another matter. Added to this is my first priority to be in service - so far behind - but is the one thing that brings balance to my world these days. Without it, you could definitely color me OVERWHELMED : to overwhelm -1.To engulf, surge-over and submerge (The dinghy was overwhelmed by the great wave.)2.To overpower emotionally (He was overwhelmed with guilt.Joy overwhelmed her when she realized that she had won a million dollars.)
Forget it - I just remembered two more things for the list so just go ahead and color me overwhelmed. :-) Oh My - I was reading over the entry and realized I slept through Katarina's son's little "going to school" party on Saturday. I'm sorry Katarina - my mind is oatmeal these days. Yep - overwhelmed is pretty much where my life is at right now - I think I'll just hang on for the ride. Signing off at 5:09AM. Maybe two hours sleep?

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