Friday, July 2, 2010

Seventh Month, 27th Friday of 2010.....

Wow - how can that be? Mama was right - time actually does speed up after age 50! So many things I've learned that Mama was right about. :-) July is going to be a very busy month. Some reminders to start it off - Jackie and Ed celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary yesterday, beautiful niece turned 36 today, and my Aunt Thelma would have been 89 today. So far, it is a lovely day today. I didn't wake up until 9:30AM! I guess this old body needed it. Have been working steadily on paperwork since I've been up. Getting ready to pay some bills after which I have to do some housework. Then I'm going to work on BigD's books. Hope to work in two studies (one over the phone) this afternoon but will have to wait and see about that. We have finally gotten a little relief from the scorching heat. The relief will be short-lived but I plan to savor every moment of it. I hope to get on the deck tomorrow and clean it off some. Didn't plant any flowers this year - no money or time. I have been so glad I didn't because of the early heat wave. I'm very happy to say that GG (BigD's sister) came through her surgery beautifully this morning! They only had to do a partial knee replacement and she should be able to come home on Monday. Her daughter was telling me the rehab will be much shorter also. BigD and I will wait until tomorrow to go up and see her. She needs to sleep as much as possible today. It doesn't matter how well the surgery went, from my experience with so many of our friends, the recovery is very painful. It will get better but I so hope they keep her good and "drugged" for a few days. I don't know what I would have done w/o my Page after the surgery on my arm. She had it down to a science and kept me pretty comfortable for the most part. My dear Ava (my car) almost whipped BigD's butt yesterday but he finally got it fixed after several phone calls to our mechanic. The funny thing is that he is a little nervous about it because he isn't quite sure how he finally got it to where the horn doesn't blow contantly. LOL So now every time I go to start the car, I sorta hold my breath. Hey - 199,000 plus miles - she is wonderful. She is one of my favorite cars of all time and I will miss her if she ever quits on me. She will be completely worn out (almost is) and has served me and my family well. Since I'm getting "worn out" myself, I have a lot of empathy for her. lololol Okay - enough lollygagging here - gotta get busy again!

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  1. Glad he got it fixed! What was it exactly? Husbands are such a handy thing to have around when things go a breakin'! Mine is proving that he's not only cute and witty, but every day he makes himself more and more valuable with his handyman skills :-D


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