Friday, July 2, 2010


What in the world???!!!!! How many times do I have to ask BigD to be careful when he is cooking on the deck? The only times Miya has gotten outside is when is just lets the screen door on the porch stay open when he walks out onto the deck to the grill. She was gone the longest tonight she has been outside. I finally came back inside and decided to wait it out. After BigD opened the front storm door until the bugs starting coming in and then he came in to go to bed, I got off the phone with Mae (getting caught up on the two memorial services they'd had for her daughter - one down East and one on the farm this past weekend) I went on the deck and when I walked around to the back, she ran off the deck. I then took her food bowl onto the porch and pretended to be pouring food into it. Then I brought it in and put water in her water bowl and turned the outside lights out and she came running in the back door. Or maybe she wanted a drink of my wine? Hmmmm - either way, I don't like the feeling of her being out in the dark alone like that. I can't believe how parnoid I have become with this particular cat but I really want to keep her safe as long as I can.

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  1. Glad she came back! Though Shakespeare is an inside/outside cat, I worry every time I call and he doesn't come running. They are our family too, and hey...we've got enough money invested in them, they sure as heck better stay around for a while!
    So sorry for the T family and their mourning :( Hopefully they will feel Jehovah's love and take the comfort and strength that he provides when we need it most.


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